Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Triple Triple Check with Ample Shoulder Burn


Five Redwoods posted to CircusMaximus with kettlebells in hand on a comfortable late-autumn morning. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a VSF, gave a disclaimer (even though each of the Redwoods had posted to countless F3 gloom-fests), and organized the pain-fest. This is how it went down, more or less:

the THANG —

Warmup with ssh, don quiote, reverse PLTs, arm circles (small front, small back, big front, big back), scap merkins, perhaps more (I forget….).

Short mosey to the large brick wall constituting the north side of the school.

Triple Check #1:
Part A — waiter carry across parking lot and back.
Part B — rolling wall plank
Part C — merkin row
Rinse and repeat x3

Plank sequence. Mosey to lighted load/unload area inside pillars.

Triple Check #2:
Part A — death crawl (bear with kettlebell), bear crawl, and/or crab walk part-way down pillers and back)
Part B — reverse PLT
Part C — WWII sit-up with kettlebell press at top
Rinse and repeat x3

Plank sequence. Mosey down sidewalk to opposite end of pillars.

Triple Check #3:
Part A — 10 burpees
Part B — single arm kettlebell swing
Part C — squat with kettlebell press at top
Rinse and repeat x3

COT with Attila taking us out


Today was a shoulder burn (as any self-respecting kettlebell workout should be). It was nice to see Toga back in town. Continued prayers for him, his mother, and his family. Earthworm cut out a bit early to serve as our delegation at the northside/Mechanicsville breakfast meeting concerning increasing 3rd F. I am grateful for the efforts and leadership coming out of that group, and I look forward to hearing about the meeting and ideas discussed.

WhiteDeer upgraded to the next size kettlebell. It seemed to take its toll on him by the end of the workout, but he pressed through. YHC is overdue for an upgrade as well (gift hint). That is a good problem to have. Attila had to rush out to make an early morning meeting downtown, but he stayed long anough to take us out with a solid prayer.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead this morning. Respectfully, Johnsonville


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  1. Solid workout – I sorely needed some WD40 for my shoulders starting with the backward arm circles; needed a lot more after the second Triple Check. Candidly, I’m not sorry I fled before the last Triple Check.

    WhiteDeer’s KB “upgrade” felt a bit light during the double ups on the KB carries – a weigh in will confirm that WD hollowed out his new addition. The fatigue you observed was pure deception.

    Great 3rd F at the Rise & Shine this morning in Hanover – strong leadership by a bunch of HIMs. Good things to come …