Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Change in Scenery (with a Church theme)


15 strong gathered (most on time) on a cool, relatively dry morning to get the lead out.  Here is what transpired…

COP:  20xSSH, 20xHillbillies, 10xMerkins, 20xFlutterKicks

Mosey to Reveille Church back parking lot – the PAX paired up with one person running a loop around the parking lot while the other alternated between 5 box jumps and 10 dips, switching at each lap and doing 6 total rounds.

Mosey to the front of Reveille Church for Triple Check – deep squats, leg lifts (6 inches off ground) while third person runs backward to sidewalk and then forward back to group, rotate. Standard three rounds.

Mosey across Cary to to entrance of Windsor Farms at Windsor Way, formed two lines of 7 each for an Indian run with burpees added in stopping at the lawn in front of Grace Baptist Church.

On the lawn of Grace Baptist Church the OYO PAX did 6 rounds with increasing count (1 to 6)  of Burpees at midfield and LBCs at the ends.

Rally back to the flag with some chatter about a lot of running (those that ran Hillcrest the previous night were feeling it) and finish up with a Ring of Fire with the PAX all in plank position and two people doing 10 Merkins (also commonly known outside F3 circle as pushups, thank you Wedding Singer) and rotating around the ring twice.  Finished with a few minutes of Mary with LBCs and Freddie Mercuries.


Flashdance was a late arrival to the AO which meant he was OYO for the workout as he wasn’t able to find us despite his best efforts and keen mind. The PAX didn’t realize this until we rolled up on him as we returned to the flag. Flashdance shared that he found some new workout friends with the tomatoes. During the chatter with the tomatoes he was able to learn some of  the nicknames the tomatoes had given each other – Pinky, Hot Pants, Love Handles, Hest, Bovary and Mulva. Flashdance may make a permanent change in workout groups. If interested, please contact him.

Pucker out


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q Pucker – enjoyed the field trip..
    Flashdance – glad you found a group to workout with this morning -your certainly welcome to come back and work out with us whenever you like – we begin workouts @ 5:30 during the week – @ 6:00 and 7:00 on Saturday’s and @ 7:00 on Sunday.
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Enjoyed the Q pucker…great to get ‘out of the house’ once in a while. Of note, I didn’t know staying behind and working out with tomatoes was ever an option. (Partner-Leg-Tosses with Mulva, and Balls-to-the-Wall with Bovary may spoil me for future AO’s.)

  3. First off, great call leaving the premises, it’s been a while (never) since Lab Rat has done that. Greatly enjoyed it.

    Secondly, solid “Seinfeld” reference with Mulva. The name they were looking for, however was Delores.

    Thirdly, why are all the “Respects” dirty old men? Between Saab and TYA, I am not looking forward to my raunchy 50’s!

  4. The fam is wondering why I am laughing so hard at my phone – classic! Tclaps to Marv for posting after a late night.