Saturday, December 3
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SOT Remembers Pearl Harbor and does a lot of other stuff…


3 brave SOT regulars took to the gloom to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and to release some energy and sweat.

Here is my recollection of what went down.

The Thang

Mosey down to shot-put blacktop next to football field of broken dreams:


  • 20 X SSH
  • 21 X Helicopters (Typical McRib Miscount here)
  • 20 X Hillbillies
  • 15 arm circles forward and reverso
  • 20 X LBCs
  • 10 2ct Merkins

Railroad Tracks on Track – approximately 100 yds and return

  • PAX holds plank while runner hurdles over each member.  Then runner planks at end and first planker runs and hurdles other planking PAX (native American run style).

25 Yd Circuit

  • Bearcrawl from goal line to 25 yd line switch stop do 20 LBCs and bc back
  • Lunge to 25 yd line stop for 20 diamond merkins and turn around lunge back

Mosey back to parking lot for 4 corners (Count in tribute to 75 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor)

  • Corner 1 = 75 Merkins
  • Corner 2 = 75 LBCs
  • Corner 3 = 75 Mountain Climbers
  • Corner 4 = 75 Jump Squats

Round 2 (Count in tribute to 21 US ships sunk or damaged at Pearl Harbor)

  • Corner 1 = 21 Merkins
  • Corner 2 = 21 LBCs
  • Corner 3 = 21 Mountain Climbers
  • Corner 4 = 21 Jump Squats

Mosey to Basketball Courts

Triple Check Suicides on Bball Courts

Round 1

  • Partner 1 Forward suicide
  • Partner 2 AMRAP Burpees
  • Partner 3 AMRAP American Hammers

Round 2

  • Backward Suicide
  • AMrap SSH
  • AMRAP Freddie mercuries

Round 3

  • Sideway suicide
  • AMrap ball dippers
  • AMrap box cutters

Bonus round bear crawl to opposite baseline and sprint back
Mosey to Baby Raceway on Blacktop

Baby Raceway Plank and Sprint relay

  • PAX holds plank while 1 runner sprints around circle.  Upon completion of circle, next PAX member recovers and sprints while others plank.
  • Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to VSF

  • 20 merkins
  • 43 LBCs OYO
  • In honor of the 2043 American lives lost at Pearl Harbor


Numberama, Name-O-rama, YHC took us out


  • Discussion of possible 3rd F opportunities
  • VA Beach/Hampton Roads support – Rosie is leading this weekend


YHC was interested in trying to emphasize the significance of the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack in leading the PAX through SOT today.  YHC had considered the notion of leading an Old Glory, which had not been done in a while and seemed like a fitting patriotic theme.  Upon researching all of the ingredients for the Old Glory to take place, YHC discovered that there was a key item needed … that is the ever so important Shovel Flag.  YHC had not been able to pinpoint the location of a USA flag upon his recent move to a new home, and at this point it was too late to run to Lowes to get the materials to pursue a new project.  Therefore it was on to plan B.  Plan B =  combine many routines together to focus on covering as much ground on the AO and incorporating exercises that focus on as many body parts as possible (AKA The McRib Q BluePrint).  In addition, throw in some counts that align to statistics that will help us remember and learn more about Pearl Harbor.

So that’s pretty much what went down.  All in all the PAX worked really hard throughout and was able to stay together through each of the exercises.  This presented a nice opportunity for a lot of sweat fellowship, but not much mumble chatter was shared throughout.

Lastly, as YHC reflects on the commemoration of the event at Pearl Harbor, YHC finds himself thinking of the many sacrifices that have been made to preserve freedom in our country.  My humble respects go to those that have served and also those that have lost loved ones and have made that ultimate sacrifice.

Thanks for following my lead this morning and for indulging my sporadic and active Q.

See you next time.



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  1. You Q way too much these days not to have a shovelflag. Let me know if you would like assistance in making one, or would rather me just make it for you.

    Sounds like fun was had, sf or no.

  2. I appreciate the offer Lab Rat.

    I plan to start on mine this weekend. I feel like I owe it to myself to tackle this project, and it would be a good way to break in my power tools in my new garage. I do admire your sf design and I’ll make sure to share mine with you upon completion to make sure it is F3RVA worthy.