Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No one got lost


14 F3RVA regulars appeared in the drizzly gloom to make themselves better and start the day the only way F3 men know, and this is what went down:

Mosey to soccer field for COP.  Exercises were Invisible Jumprope, Don Quiote, Dying Cockroach, and Drill Instructors.

Mosey to BBALL courts for suicides interrupted by Partner exercises.  Exercises were:

Regular suicide followed by LBC x 25.  Partner wheelbarrow across BBALL court.  Flutterkick x 25.  Partner Wheelbarrow back across BBALL court followed by Flutterkick x 25.  Reverse Suicide followed by WWII x 25.  Partner Carry across BBALL court followed by Freddie Mercury x 25.  Partner Carry back across BBALL court followed by Freddie Mercury x 25.  Burpee Suicide.

Mosey to front of outer bus loop for Catch Me If you Can.  One partner runs backwards while other partner completes three burpees and runs forward to catch partner.  Repeat until 2 loops of outer bus loop complete.  Using the inner bus loop, one partner begins polar bear crawls while other partner runs the inner bus loop until he reaches partner.  Switch until partner team reaches halfway point where the exercises change to lunges.  Partners complete  1 loop of inner bus loop.

Mosey back to flag for 5 minutes of Mary.  Exercises included APD, American Hammer, LBC, Freddie Mercury (Swirly style), Rosalitas.

Numberama, Namearama, COT. YHC took us out with a quick prayer.


3rd F Thursday 0630 Rise and Shine Diner.  See THE Carpenter or Spit.

Abacus and family in prayers.  Especially Abacus’s Sister.

Hymns and Beers at Center of the Universe Thursday evening.  See Front Porch for details.

NMM:  YHC was still a little stiff from this last weekends 10 (uh15) mile trek thru the woods.  It was nice to be back at the friendly confines of the DaVille, as I grew up playing in the woods before the high school was built and there was no way I was going to get lost this morning.  With that being said, the PAX was extremely solid this morning without much mumblechatter until YHC suggest we Polar Bear Crawl half way around the bus loop.  That was a crowdpleaser that stirred up some conversation until everybody was out of breath and it fell silent again.  The entire PAX knew that there would be some Suicides (YHCs favorite running exercise), but the twist of Partner Wheelbarrows and Partner Carrys definitely added some flavor.

Well Done this morning Atlee Brigade.

Circle K


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  1. How are there no comments to this? Sounds awesome, hated to miss it.

    Now there’s a comment.

    Also, glad to hear I’m not the only one still feeling Sunday’s run.

    Last thing, I missed due to forced fast for blood work, nurse asked if I was sick, as I am down 18 lbs from last visit. Thanks, F3 for making me sickly.

  2. This was THE way to wake up and get going this morning. Circle K stretched the PAX and I enjoyed the bus loop challenges! The father-son teams continue to impress.

  3. Awesome workout. A great variety, and everyone pushed themselves. Doubly impressive to lead that after your recent run, Cirkle K.

    I still can’t quite wrap my head around my son giving me a piggyback ride.