Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Motto of the Day…WWHD


A cozy PAX of 4 posted on a warm(ish) and wet(ish) Monday morning at River Run to start their weeks off right.

YHC will admit, there was a point at about 10 p.m. last night when the cold and cough that is stuck in YHC’s house seemed to settle in to YHC’s chest and YHC was feeling more like chicken noodle than Gumbo and I actually thought about passing the Q to Rosie.  It turns out that Rosie had already hit the fart-sack to prepare mentally for YHC’s beatdown today, so YHC sucked it up and thought…What Would Hardywood Do…thus, today’s workout.  It went a little something like this:

Mosey a few laps around the parking lot as McRib rolled in hot and gather his gear.

COP – SSH x20 IC, DQ (Swirly style) x15 IC, Copperhead Squats x10 IC, Imperial Walkers x10 IC, Merkins x10 IC and LBCs (nice and wet) x20 IC.

Short Mosey to the circle in front of the school for Burp in a Box.  Perform 1 burpee in the first parking space (of 8) and then run a lap around the small bus loop.  Perform 2 burpees in the second parking space and run a lap.  Continue until 8 burpees in the 8th and final parking space.

Mosey around school to the end larger bus loop for Hardywoods Fantastic Four.  Four exercises (squats, plank jacks, merkins and mountain climbers) and four rounds (round 1= 10 of each, round 2 = 20 of each, round 3 = 30 of each and round 4 = 40 of each).  Run larger bus loop after each round.  Al Gore waiting for the Six (i.e., YHC).

Partner Chase:

  • Round 1 – down the straight away of the larger bus loop – Partner 1 backwards run; Partner 2 performs 2 burpees and runs forward to catch Partner 1 – flapjack.
  • Round 2 – Partner 1 bear crawl down the straight away, Partner 2 perform 2 burpees and bearcrawl to catch Partner 1, flapjack.

Boo-ya Merkins and Partner Burpees:  Partner up and perform 10 boo-ya merkins then run the straight away of the bus loop and at the other end perform 10 Partner Burpees.

Mosey back to the parking lot for multiple rounds of Ring of Fire and a little Mary:

  • ROF Round 1 = PAX holds six inches while taking turns performing 5 4-count flutter kicks
  • ROF Round 2 = repeat round 1
  • ROF Round 3 = plank and 10 merkins
  • 20 Box cutters IC
  • Repeat All 4
  • 20 hello dollies IC
  • 10 merkins IC

COT – number-rama and name-a-rama and YHC took us out.

Announcements – Congrats to those who completed the Bear Creek 10-miler.  Thankfully TSB was found safe and sound and all in all it sounded like a good day.  Rosie has a crew heading down next Saturday to Hampton Roads for our last turn to lead.  Well done fellas.


What would Hardywood do?  Well, only answer that question prior to a beatdown if you want pain.  Ever since I read the Fantastic Four backblast, I wanted to give it a try.  And, I have been looking for an excuse to use the boo-ya merkins and partner burpees.  Today was that opportunity.

Consider this an open invitation to Hardywood and all of the rest of the PAX to make a trip out to River Run on a Monday to check out this AO.

Great work this morning gentlemen.  Thanks for joining us Ty Webb – strong work.  A pleasure to lead.

No more Gumbo for you!


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  1. Great job Gumbo! Way to fight through the sniffle bug and provide a helluva beatdown this morning. There were many times that I checked my watch hoping it was over only to find more time left than expected. You fit a ton of stuff in 45 minutes.

    Welcome to Ty Webb. Good to have you passing through River Run.

    Gumbo thanks for taking the lead today.

    See you next time.


  2. Solid beatdown this morning, thanks for letting me tag along. I might have to bring some of what I learned back to Charlotte. Good call getting us wet early, no sense delaying the inevitable. Y’all have a good week!

    Ty Webb

  3. Great to get Ty Webb out and experience the fantastic four. The bear crawl chasers did me in, good thing I already had a planned day off.