Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Today’s Menu: Ciabattas with Merkins Chasers


5 regulars and 1 visitor (soon to be a regular) posted on a typical Spring morning…err, wait, it is the freaking last day of November…but it was 60 and raining at SOT.  We carried on anyway.

YHC was chef for the day and the menu was simple, yet effective: Ciabattas with Merkins chasers.  The goal was to get YHC to his 6,000 merkins goal for the month with 300 merkins today…the rest of the PAX was just along for the Feast.

The PAX moseyed through the rain to front of the school to find some overhead cover and to be in full-view of the security cameras posted around the front entrance.  The PAX immediately asked for a steady diet of APDs and Monkey-humpers to fill the B-roll footage appropriately, but YHC did not oblige.

Instead, the ciabattas included (among others) the following exercises, SSHs, LBCs, Jump Squats, Flutter Kicks, Ball Dippers, Freddy Mercuries, Box Cutters and Mountain Climbers.  Each exercise was completed for 8 sets – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.  Then, after each set of exercises, the PAX performed 15 Merkins In Cadence.

Extra set of Merkins done back at the Flag  for a total of 300 Merkins

Number-rama, name-a-rama and YHC took us out thanking the good Lord for the end of the Merkin challenge, among other things!

Discussion ensued about 3rd F opportunities.  DK is going to reach out to The Doorways for another cooking experiment.  We will be sure to get Wilson (aka Chipotle) to clear his calendar for that one.  Honeymoon mentioned that his PAX outside Charlotte has cleaned a soup kitchen before – sounded like a good, low on logistics, idea for the future.


YHC had two goals in mind – complete 300 Merkins to eclipse 6,000 for the month and not run too much today.  River Run and NoToll took care of my running so far this week.

The PAX seemed amenable, though the mumblechatter began early when the PAX realized YHC had the Q and Rosie immediately asked YHC how many merkins he needed to complete his challenge.  The answer (300) nearly sent some PAX back to the fartsack.  All persevered though.  YHC had to battle some rookie counting issues induced by McRib’s always entertaining counting, but YHC too persevered.

Always great to have a visitor.  Thanks for coming out Honeymoon.  We look forward to your permanent move to RVA and for you to be a regular in F3 RVA postings.

Have a great day men!  Thanks for letting me lead – always a pleasure.

No  more Gumbo for you.


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  1. Nice job Gumbo! Thanks for leading today and keeping us fairly dry.

    I blame my counting miscue this morning on my similar desire to be done with the merkin challenge.


  2. I only needed half of those merkins to meet my goal but I know doing 300 on Nov. 30 was much easier than the 300+ we did on Nov. 1.
    Great to meet Honeymoon and have another southsider to fill the diesel filled gloom of SOT.

  3. Great beat down, but how many times does Honeymoon have to post before he is a regular? He has at least a half dozen posts to the RVA, and he damn near ran Gumbo and Lab Rat into the ground one Friday morning.

    At least give him regular* status….the * can be dropped once he maintains a local address for 30 days, proven by a utilities or cable bill. Or one RVA Q.

    Also, F merkins.