Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s better in the Bahamas…


6 intrepid gentlemen arrived at University of Richmond commons for a post-holiday run.

Route (Splinter Special): Take university entrance, run through river road shopping center and head toward bridge.

4 milers:  traverse bridge and cloverleaf, then return.    5 milers:  head East, turn around at Rock Falls.  6 milers:  go past z-dam…to somewhere (or turn around at z-dam if you want a slightly shorter run – which is what we did).

NMS:  Whether it was illness, copious amounts of food and spirits, or a trip to a resort in the Bahamas, it was clear the PAX was still shaking off the long holiday.   All mile options were covered by at least one.  Those who targeted the 6 mile made a deliberate decision to turn early given aforementioned recoveries.  Otherwise it was a solid run in unusually warm and only slightly damp weather.

Chalking it up to distraction, YHC completely bypassed the name-o-rama (sorry guys).  Marv took us out – which was uplifting as usual.


There is one more contingent headed to Virginia Beach.  See Rosie for details (there was debate as to whether it was this Saturday or next)

There are still a couple of t-shirts options available (DaVille, Circus Maximus).  Purchases are still needed to meet the minimum.

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    That’s my favorite Spider Run route – thanks Saab…
    Thanks Splinter for hanging back and running with me – that was not my best run by far but we had a nice pace – appreciate it bro.. Glad I could give team bronchitis (Sippy and Marv) a ride back to their car – way to battle through those colds you got boys – disinfecting my truck now :)JK…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. For those questioning, I have a group headed to Va Beach on 12/10. A group from another Region is going this weekend.

  3. Great run Saab. You know you have made it big league when you have a work out named after you.

    Swirly – great running with you this morning.