Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One lonely Beastie I be


Lab Rat took to the streets surrounding Atlee High School accompanied by a headlamp and his trusty Tron.  Unburdened by the pax, he felt free to roam around the neighborhoods, covering 5 miles at a brisk pace.  Conversations, albeit only internal, ran the gambit this morning as one could only imagine.


-Bear Creek Trail Run is Sunday.  Food and beverages will be provided by yours truly…bring a few extra bucks to split the tab.  There will be chicken bog, hot and cold beverages (including beer), and a camp fire.  Non-runners and family are welcome to join us!  Consider car pooling to this event….YHC is driving and will happily take anybody from the greater Hanover region.


Lab Rat out.


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Need somebody to talk incessantly during a long run? Ask you questions while you are gasping for breath? I'm your guy.