Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

In preparation for Bear Creek


Six strong posted for the Bear Creek run prerequisite class workout  at Batteau.

The thang:

Mosey to stone valley, warm-up – 20 SSH, 10 slow Don Quixote, 12 box jumps onto stone wall OYO, 10 derkins on the wall, 20 Freddie Mercury

Mosey up steps to paved pathway. Blimp – 5 burpee broad jumps, 10 lunges, 15 bear crawl, 20 bunny hops, go to the end of the line and repeat to the top of the road.

Mosey to side street – 50% run down, 75% run back, 100% run down, 100% run back.

Blimp  side street – repeat exercises above until everyone reaches the gate.

Ring of Fire – 10 merkins, plank, then 10 heals to heaven, PAX holds feet 6 inches.

Mosey to large filed near street.

Polar bear up hill, 20 two-count flutters at tree, bear polar down hill, run to other hill, repeat. Next bear crawl up hill, 20 two-count flutters at tree, crawl bear down hill, run to other hill, repeat two more times.

Hot potato Mary – 10 boo-ya merkins with partner, 20 second 6 inch hold, leg raises, superman, Thor 8 count, LBCs, plank dips, 10 merkins.

Mosey to flag, around loop and back to flag.

Great job PAX, today was a good morning to work off some of that turkey glow after the holiday. Good reports from the Thanksgiving workouts and Hampton Roads kickoff. The Hardywood coffee installment after Mary Mumford came with high appraise, perhaps something to be filtered in on later dates. Or Lab rat can bring beer, whichever suits your 6:30 AM fancy.

YHC revised the polar bears to just bear crawls after one round, no one seemed to mind. However, there were plenty of bear crawling to go around either way, isn’t Bear Creek a bear crawl?

BT led an inspiring prayer to close us out detailing the highs and lows one can feel in a given year, which most of us who’ve been working out with BT over the past few years know about. Very happy to hear it’s 70 and sunny in the BT household, F3RVA was praying for you and the family.



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  1. Wow. Action-packed Q. Way to go Singer and way to push it fellas.

    Glad to hear the sun is shining in the BT household. Prayers now that it remains 70 and sunny!

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Solid workout, Singer. It’s amazing how good it feels to get back out after being off a little while. Thanks to all for the well wishes, and especially the support and brotherhood each and every day whether I see you at the AO or not.