Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An ode to Jimmy J


Three strong mosey into the gloom

The Thang
Mosey to the basketball courts
10 x Helicopters
26x Hillbillies w. Jville hops
26x LBC
20x Crab Cakes
26x Freddie Mercuries
Mosey around the corner to the bus loop

Jimmy Johnson
Ascending number of merkins at each light poll 1-24 in 3 laps.
Descending flutter kicks at each poll 24-1 in 3 laps
Total of 48!
Mosey to the gym entrance

Triple Check

BTTW, Plank, run around furthest sign
Mosey to the flag


YHC learned today that McRib and Rosie both possess highly advanced mathematical skills. Not to mention exceptional athleticism.
Most of today’s sweat fest took advantage of well-lit and even terrain. YHC is hopeful to advance to more challenging topography in the coming weeks.
Great work men!


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  1. Love the Jimmy Johnson theme! Another championship under is belt!

    Great good guys, see you in the gloom!

  2. Thanks for getting the merkin count up quickly this morning Lugnut. I’m sure you enjoyed being able to go both ways around the track.

  3. Great Q Lugnut! My counting skills are questionable in the gloom. Thankfully Rosie and Gumbo are typically there to hold me accountable.

    Way to get the merkins in this AM. I enjoyed the many trips around the lugnut track.

    See y’all next time.