Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 DNOW2 Style


6 Regulars and 12 FNG’s (Friendly New Guys and Gals) woke up from their bunk bed and storm the fields of Camp Watermarks for the 1st annual F3 Workout at Restoration Church’s DNOW2 weekend.


Mosey for a lap around the Shop to pick in FIFO’s then to the field and circle up around the shovel flag

-SSH IC x25
-Merkins IC x10
-Don Quixote IC x15
-Imperial Walkers IC x15
-LBC’s IC x20
-The Fultter IC x15
-Arm Circles IC x10 large/x5 small reverso

Mosey to the hill

Jacobs Ladder:
Start at the bottom near the soccer goal and run to top and complete 1 WWII Sit-up, run back down to the bottom and completed 2 WWII Sit-ups. Continue until you reach 10.

Mosey back to the basketball court

Catch Me If You Can – Partner up:
First partner does 20 SSH while the second partner takes off around the shop building. The second partner stopped to do 10 Merkins at the halfway point. If the first partner catches the second partner, then the second partner does 5 Burpees. If the first partner doesn’t catch the second partner, then they do 5 Burpees.

Repeat, switching roles.

Mosey to the road

Partner Run
One partner exercises down the road while other partner runs ahead to the tree line and back. Then partners switch. Exercises were Polar Bears, Lunges, and Russian Solider. Repeato until everyone has reach the tree line.

Plank It
Line in a Plank on edge of the road. First two PAX members complete their choice of either 10 Merkins or 10 LBC’s. Run to the end of the line once completed. Continue until all PAX members have completed the exercise

Mosey back to the flag

3 Minutes of Mary:
-American Hammers
-Heels to Haven


Abacus took us out


YHC, The Carpenter and Abacus have been talking for weeks about including a F3 workout at our church’s annual student fall retreat. With Psycho being a member of the student leadership team, the plan was most definitely happening.

On Friday night  Psycho request the present of the YHC on stage and to make the announcement about the workout. It was made clear that this was open to all FNG’s (Guys and Gals) and all ages.

YHC was up earlier (mainly because his students didn’t get to sleep till 4am) to complete some Merkins and plant the flag. The rest of the students and adults made there way onto the basketball court to meet at 5:45 am.

The Carpenter was mostly blind due to not putting in his contacts. He later would regret that decision.

Abacus helping out one of the FNG’s hand them some gloves to keep warm. In true Abacus fashion he only had 2 right hand gloves. That will go perfect with his two right shoes from The Creek a couple of weeks ago

YHC took extra steps to ensure that every person understood the name and how to perform each exercise. Many were impressed with YHC’s ability to lead exercises while going around the shovel flag during the warm up.

YHC wisely decided to avoid Alabama Prom Dates in light of the make-up of the PAX.

Wanchees (FNG) made sure to let The Carpenter know that she was going to keep up with him while running through the fields in between the WWII sit-ups. She kept up an impressive pace and exchanged many high fives while running back & forth in the gloom.

Psycho’s family was well-represented with Twinkle Toes (FNG) and Snake (FNG) posting though Snake disappeared part-way through the workout.

Ruble (FNG) and Flu Shot (FNG) left before the namerama in order to shower, put on make-up and get ready for the day. That is not something that normally happens…

There were multiple casualties during Catch Me If You Can. One FNG wiped out and cut his hand. The Carpenter stepped into a hole with his right foot, twisted it, rolled on the ground and got up but could not catch the speedy Spit.

Many of the FNGs did not anticipate the level of effort required to complete a full workout. Most of them stayed to the end and experienced the benefits of completing a full workout.

One student shared that he woke up to go to the bathroom and he then saw a bunch of people doing jumping jacks in the field. He didn’t believe what he was seeing at first but then he remembered who was out there.

Upon returning home, one FNG was asked, “What was your favorite part of the retreat?” Her response was, “The F3 workout!”




  1. Way to go Spit,The Carpenter and Abacus! Raising the fitness levels of the youth during an already exhausting worship weekend! Nice modification for the mixed PAX. Wish I could have been there.

  2. Emoji wish you could have been there too! We def will have to make this an annual event and you can make it to the next one!