Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

eMoms done by e(ight) Dudes


Eight redwoods posted in the chilly darkness at #Riverrun this morning. Most waited in their cars until about 3 minutes out, and then hopped around until we got down to business. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a VSF near the SUVs and took Q. This is (very) roughly how the gloom went down:

COP warmup near VSF (ssh, don quiote, slow squats)

Bear crawl to front side of the parking lot for more warmup (extreme hillbillies, arm circles).

Mosey out to James River Road. Commence 31 sets of EMOMs (i.e., “Every Minute on the Minute”) with 40 seconds “on”, 20 seconds “off.” The 1st set was a brisk run north on James River Road. The 2nd set was WWII situps. The 3rd set, and every third set after that, was burpees. I cannot begin to recreate all 31 of the exercises we did, but they included 10 sets of burpees, 4 brisk runs, merkins, wide merkins, diamond merkins, staggered merkins (right), staggered merkins (left), jump squats, box cutters, Alabama prom dates, (more) hillbillies, balls to the wall, bear crawls, crawl bears, crab walks, wall planks, plank walks, Peter Parkers, and donkey kicks. YHC, being a sort-of-benvolent-dictator, permitted every member of the PAX to pick 1 exercise along the way.

Accounting for the brisk runs, we finished in the parking lot across from the JR football stadium. We then mosied back up to the VSF for a final COP, including 30 American Hammers and 20 Hello Dollies.

– Hardywood to lead a team to VA Beach this weekend. There are only 2 more teams from F3 RVA going out there (at least in connection with the organized launch), including Hardywood’s team, so YHC encouraged men to tag along for the fellowship and experience.
– Special Thanksgiving Workouts: 1hr workout @ Mary [0530 Start]; and 1 hour kettlebell workout at CircusMaxumus [0700 Start]. That is a doozy of a double-dip challenge…. Who is up for it?
– We are continuing with our “pregame” bible study series at #GridIron this Saturday and next. Those start at 0645 and last for 15 minutes. Come check it out for some 3rd F. They have been excellent.

YHC’s head was spinning after this workout. Burpees are not kind to me. I don’t think we ignored any muscle groups.

Rosie smoked everyone on the runs. I noticed that as soon as I called a run, he headed 25 yards in the other direction to give the PAX a decent lead. He nevertheless finished ~75 yards ahead. Gumbo was an all around strength leader as well. Mr. Roper has expanded his F3 participation beyond Tuesday’s #NoToll workout. He has come a long way and is steadily growing stronger.

YHC is pleased to see more of McRib as well since he relocated. YHC is pleased to see the new-ish southsiders — Flatline, Horse & Buggy, and Chicken Parm — coming back for more F3 “fun” at #Riverrun. Keep at it. Give Rosie a reason to try harder.

I would encourage all southsiders to come check out #CircusMaximus on Thursdays. It is at MillsGodwin HS, which is just a quick jaunt up 288 from the Midlo area. It is a dedicated kettlebell workout, so let me know if you need me to try to track down a loaner. Alternatively, #45MOM offers a traditional bootcamp workout on Thursdays.

Great job, men. Jville


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  1. Nice Q Johnsonville! I must admit…there were times during this mornings workout when I wasn’t feeling so e(ight) and considered calling for my e(mom)….Especially after crossing the 50 count threshold for burpees. Those are really tough in large doses.

    It was great to have a good crowd of south siders this morning and am really enjoying the time together at River Run.


  2. Great Q Jville. My shoulders have not been this weak after a workout in a while. 40sec of BTTW is a long time after a few rounds of burpees. Great to see the growing RiverRun group pushing hard all morning.
    Monday morning, below freezing…Tclaps to those that posted, especially the new-ish guys. That is as tough as it gets to get out of the fartsack.

  3. Nice Q Jville. Indeed, I don’t think any muscles were missed today. I am with Rosie, the shoulders are smoked after a variety of merkins, burpees galore and good ole BTTW. Great way to start the week. Thanks guys.