Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hurry up and get to the trees


Eight stellar men ignored the wind forecast to make a loop around the trails.  Besides the gusty winds, the weather was beautiful, and those brave enough to roll out of the warm fartsacks were greeted with a stunning sunrise over the river.  Besides the weather, here is what else was on tap:

Route:  Cross the wind-blown Nickle Bridge to pick up the relative calm of the Buttermilk trail.  Head to Reedy Creek with an optional lariat trail thrown in.  Under the rat tunnel to Forest Hill Loop, then back thru the tunnels.  Head back to Pump House the way we came (again, with optional lariat on the way home).  Individual mileages varied around + or – 7 miles.  Only exception was Saab, who decided to try out his new wheels and go for the Full Monty, coming back on North Bank for what YHC would guess was an even 10 miles for the day.


The talk du jour was definitely the common theme of this fall:  wardrobe.  Upchuck rolled out sporting tights that could only be described as “modest” compared to what some have worn in the past couple weeks.  They were bunched up at the ankle, and he was kind enough to wear running shorts over privacy areas.  You are a good man, Charlie Brown!  TYA pulled top honors in the fashion feaux pas world yet again by debuting his Highlighter colored compression socks.  They were so bright, they spooked a deer on Forest Hill.  Between Upchuck’s baggy tights and TYA’s socks, we were able to give Offshore a reprieve for the week regarding his duct tape pants.  There’s always next week, though.

Upchuck was struggling a bit with the mumblechatter during the run this morning, as YHC was trying to engage him but found his pace waning while trying to talk and run at the same time (he is recovering from a cold).  Never fear though, as he quickly got his word count in for the day afterwards.  Rosie and Lola were

engaged in a lengthy conversation as well, which YHC was not privy to, but seemed to run the majority of the morning. Another recurring topic that Offshore likes to bring up revolving around today’s politics and YHC’s doing his best to learn Spanish:  how would one translate into Spanish “Make America Great Again”?  Read to the end to see what Google has to say about that.

Glad to have a great showing out there this morning!  The return of Helix was a welcome sight, and great to have Lola join us for his first F3 trail run.  Great run this morning, see ya’ll in the Gloom.


Running related announcements:

-Bear Creek 10 Miler December 4th (December 11th for Saab).

-This Tuesday trail run this week on the AT, or biking opportunity on the Blue Ridge Parkway. See Lab Rat if you are not chained to the desk that day and would like to join us.

-Willis River 35K in January.

-Belmonte 25K/50K/50M in March.  Better start running.


Hagamos grande a Estados Unidos de nuevo,

Lab Rat


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Perfect morning.

    Low point was the full moon I received from upchuck after picking on his shorts for 1/2 the run. I deserved it, but please, you cannot unsee something like that. I am now scarred for life.

    Despite all the advice and criticism on my wardrobe, especially the tights, I will continue to persevere (with a lot of help from my “counselor”). Anyone who is pushing the envelope on fashion trends and living true to himself gets significant resistance. Mostly because those around him are jealous!!!

  2. Wow, I just gained a new respect for Upchuck!

    Also, forgot to add how great ET’s was…trading Campos stories is priceless.

  3. Tights, psychedelic shorts, and now fluorescent socks…I’m expecting to see TYA on the cover of the Athleta catalog any day now.

    Glad I missed the full moon. That my friends is a cautionary tale reminding us that we must heed TYA’s counselor. No matter how unsettling the fashion choice, it will certainly beat having to witness a fellow PAX display his “pressed ham” on a nature trail.