Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2.0 friendly, but not 1.0 friendly?


A tenacious ten took to Gridiron, including 4 2.0s.  With an age gap from youngest to oldest of 50 years a diverse PAX moseyed forward with:

COP –  SSH, Don Qs, Freddy Ms, Merkins, Hillbillies.  Mosey to front of school.  Balls 2 the Wall for 30 seconds.

Partner up- 1 partner runs loop while other does exercises:  Situps, Merkins, Squats.

Mosey to covered drop off zone-  Totem pole run.  PAX holds feet 6 inches while end person does 5 Leg tosses.  2 rounds through all.

Mosey to baseball field, plank up in line for human hurdles across width of outflied. Then head to home plate for Left, Right, center.   Stay with partner.  1 does AMRAP exercises while other runs to right field fence & back.  Switch when runner gets back.  Rounds were:  Merkins, Donkey kicks, Peoples chair, and LBCs.

Mosey back to drop off zone for quick Bermuda triangle:  Bear crawl 1 length, then crab walk, finish up with broad jumps.  Back to football field for 10,20,30.  Start on goal line, run to 10 yr line do 10 of exercise, then run back and to the 20, do 20 of exercise,  Same to the 30.  Rounds were:  LBCs, Jump squats, and Merkins.

Back to flag, Earthworm took us out.

NMS – YHC really enjoyed seeing 3 new 2.0s out at Gridiron.  Emmylou Hoo was slow to warm up as it must be intimidating to be a 6 yr old girl out in the cold with a bunch of boys.  Once she got going though she put in a ton of work and gave Nightcrawler a heck of a time keeping up with her .  Joey Chesnut and Pit Stop being 8 were both game for anything YHC threw at them.

There was some mumblechatter from the Respect crowd about the difficulty of this 2.0 friendly beatdown.  YHC’s only goal from this 2.0 Q was to avoid any awkward discussions about exercises with Ms later so stay clear of APDs, Pickle Pounders, Monkey humpers, etc.  Merkins were on the menu since the November challenge and also the reference is obscure enough to stay safely hidden from impressionable minds.

White Deer persisted with his normal instigating but with the 2.0s.  Lots of laughs.  The PAX all did a great job of encouraging the kids.

Cecil did a great job with the pre-game.  My 2.0s dug the armor references, that is bible study that can keep them interested.

Both Pit Stop and T-Swifty talked about the beatdown the rest of the day at YHC’s house.  YHC’s boys are already EH’ing their sisters to come and give it a try.  YHC greatly enjoyed leading this beatdown although T-Swifty immediately remarked his first post with Wedding Singer was much harder.  With a 7:00 start time at Gridiron and consistent 2.0s like Jolly Rancher YHC would love to see this 2.0 friendly become monthly event.


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  1. Mighty Mouse is chomping at the bit to make it back out….just need to work it around gymnastics season. Definitely in for another 2.0 event in the Rat’s nest.

  2. Strong Q Honey Do, excellent leadership as we come to expect and appreciate. Also strong Q by Cecil at the Pre-Game on the Helmet of Salvation – gifted teacher for sure. Cecil Qs next week’s Pre-Game too – the Sword of the Spirit.