Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Deep Gloom, BearPees, and Frozen A$$es at SOT


3 SOT Regulars and 1 SOT VQ took on the deep gloom of the frozen tundra to search for the Source of Truth.

Here is how it went down.


  • 20 X SSH
  • 10 x Don Quixote (slow)
  • 20 X Imperial Walkers
  • 20 X Flutter Kicks
  • 20 X LBCs
  • 16 2ct Merkins 

Bearpee Shuffle 

  • Round 1 = Bearcrawl 30 yds and every 10 yards = 1 burpee
  • Round 2 = Bearcrawl 30 yds and every 10 yards = 2 burpee
  • Round 3 = Bearcrawl 30 yds and every 10 yards = 3 burpee
  • Round 4 = Bearcrawl 30 yds and every 10 yards = 4 burpee

Touchdown Al Gore when Complete

Mosey to Bleachers


  • Round 1 = 30 Dips and 10 Jump ups LBCs
  • Round 2 = 25 Dips and 15 LBCs
  • Round 3 etc.

Mosey back to goal line

The (Merkin Infused) Beast 

  • Round 1 = Merkins (36)
  • Round 2 = Squats
  • Round 3 = Merkins (72)
  • Round 4 = LBCs
  • Round 5 = Merkins (108)
  • Round 6 = Merkins (144)

Al Gore when done

Mosey to poles for Indigenous Pole Smokers (4 Rounds)

 Mosey back to blacktop for Mary

  • 12 2ct Merkins
  • Freddie Mercuries IC
  • Alabama prom dates IC
  • Hello Dollies IC
  • Rosalitas IC

Mosey back to the flag.
Numberama, Name o Rama,

  • HDHH at TYAs
  • Hampton/Va Beach Q Schedule

YHC took us out


The gloom is extreme at SOT.  There are diesel engines fuming in the air when you get out of your car…a 10 degree drop in temperature as you make your way into the tundra towards the football field of broken dreams…pine cones motivated to take out F3 brethren…and frozen benches waiting to drop anyone seeking to attempt a jump up or step up.  The truth about the Source of Truth is that conditions are tough and treacherous.  All of this was quickly realized as YHC got to the AO early to assess the terrain and perform a sweep of any suspicious pine cones.

YHC was also excited to see Lugnut there eager to get back into the game after the infamous pine cone incident two weeks earlier and wanted to ensure that the AO was properly equipped and safe to execute the expected plan.

After COP, there was much question from the PAX about the odd number of merkins that were performed.  That suspense was kept in check as we performed the BearPee Shuffle to get right into it.  The football field of broken dreams became the venue for this exercise.  The initial plan was to use the yard markers for identifying the 10 yard increments, however, they were marked in dark red, so it was virtually impossible to find them in the dark.  Luckily, Rosie was motivated to be in the front and became the compass for the PAX on when and where to perform burpees.

Then Lindsay made her return to SOT.  The initial plan was to get some leg work in here, but that plan changed quickly upon discovery of the thin coat of ice and condensation on the bleachers.  Therefore, a quick audible was made to install LBCs in its place.

Next up was the Beast, and YHC wanted to ensure that we got in a fair amount of merkins to include in the challenge for the month.  The initial plan was to go all in on them for the entire beast, but the bearpee shuffle had already fatigued the PAX (mainly YHCs shoulders) therefore, the decision was made to alternate until the last 2 rounds.  All in all, this brought the presumed merkin total to 160, before Rosie informed the PAX that the CPA Q (YHC) had miscounted the merkins and the amount was really 176 (YHC forgot to count the 2ct in COP).

The indigenous pole smokers were performed upon the frosty grass at SOT.  This provided significant numbing of the buttocks region for each PAX member, but was a welcome transition from the running and merkins of the Beast.

Lastly, the PAX was able to successfully complete 200 merkins for the morning during Mary and also significantly work and ice other parts of our bodies that were aching from this morning and weeks postings.

YHC was honored and humbled to lead this morning and happy to finally take on the SOT as a Q.  Thanks to the PAX for following my lead this AM and for providing strategic guidance on exercise safety and accurate merkin counts.



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  1. Nice Q McRib. Great to see Lugnut back in the mix, I’m sure he appreciates you clearing the path of the pine cones. BearPee – as Gumbo put it 2 negatives do not make a positive.

  2. Well done McRib. I stand by my statement – 2 negatives, definitely do not make a positive with the BearPees. Hell, the name says it all. All-around pain this morning. Great job gents.

    Glad to have you back in the gloom LugNut.