Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Marv has seen the (t)light


10 men posted on a beautiful fall morning.  Weather was 47 degrees and gloomy.  Perfect for a run

The Thang:

Mount Henrico redux.  Run the side of the lake and around the baseball field.  Left on the main road, right onto lakewood, right onto wood, left onto Baldwin, right onto Westham, left onto Baldwin, left onto Rock Creek, Left onto ridge, right onto university, right onto Glendale, left onto Julian.  Run to top of Julian at the intersection of Parham (highest point in Henrico county – according to Splinter), turn around and return using the same route.  6 milers take a loop around Arlington on the way out and on the way back


Splinter did this route about a month ago and it is a great run.  Lots of hills (and turns) makes for a good challenging run  Splinter led Marv and Sippy along the way making sure no one got lost.  BT and Swirly had done the route once before, but had trouble navigating a couple of turns.  They circled back to get direction from YHC and found their way on the rest of the run.  Backbay made most of the way, but not quite to the last turn at Julian. Toucan, Taxi Cab and I took a slightly shorter route hitting the Arlington loop and a run around the lake to finish things off.

Many thanks to Marv for his outward show of support for YHC this morning.  After getting bullied and harassed in the backblast because of my wardrobe choices yesterday, it was a welcome site to see Marv enter in his running tights this morning to show his support for me and against this brutish type of behavior.  I am looking forward to the day when the whole Pax unites in support and posts in this form fitting, comfortable and supportive garb.  Running tights, yoga pants, leggings, compression tights – all are a beautiful way to add some fashion to your running attire. #shortsareboring\


4 shirts are up on the website: Keep Calm and Mosey on, Daville, Circus Maximus (Toga and Wilson are sure to buy many of this clown themed shirt), and W-Dog (I hear their is a special or an extra fee on this shirt since it is a  knockoff of the Woodfin corporate garb)

HDHH tomorrow.  M’s and 2.0s welcome.  1701 Buford road (see my previous backblast)



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  1. TYA – what a great route! I commend the creator.

    Perhaps when it begins to get light again at 530 in the morning we can explore some more areas. In the meantime, I’m glad it was dark as I did not recognize Marv’s tights.

  2. I LIKE CLOWNS! Just not the dark, cold, wet, short sleeves and a host of other crap. But I do like clowns. I mean who doesn’t?

  3. An entire PAX in tights…my eyes are burning at the thought.

    I’m in if TYA’s tights are green and he leads the run with a pointed hat with a feather in it and a bow and arrow quiver on his back.