Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Double the Glory – Double the Fun


15 Faithful returned to DaVille for a chilly morning F3 style. Circle K planted the first Shovel Flag with Abacus (asked by YHC the day prior to bring the Shovel Flag) soon after arriving with one of his own – both ended up being planted. Pax mosey around the parking lot and circled back to the front of Atlee for COP:



SSH x 30 IC

Don Quixote x 25 IC

Jump Squats x 20

LBC x 20 IC

Dying Cockroach x 20 IC

Merkins x 20

Arm Circles x 10 small x 5 big – Reverso IC


Triple Check: (Groups of 3)

Wall Sits (3 sets)

Merkins (2 sets) as many as possible

WWII Situps (1 set) as many as possible

Sprint to edge of Parking Lot & back (3 sets)


Man Makers

4 sets – Run the length of the soccer field with bear crawls and merkins called out by the Q


After each set an exercise was selected by a member of the PAX:

Set 1: Merkins x 10

Set 2: American Hammers x 10

Set 3: Burpees x 5

Set 4: Countdown to Mosey for Poll Smokers


Poll Smokers

Poll Smokers with each Pax member performing 5 merkins, then reveso.


****Mosey to Football Field Parking Lot****


The Gauntlet

Burpees performed at each speed bump while increasing the amount at each speed bump by 2. Al Gore until all members of the PAX have performed the desired amount, then run to the next speed bump. All meet at the last bump to plank it out. Mosey to Flags.


Ring of Fire

Circle Up around the flags in plank position. One at a time, each member of the PAX performs (5) 10 merkins – ending with with Q.



Glad everyone was able to make it out on the cold November morning. Everyone dressed accordingly and with gloves on hand. Unexpectedly, Circle K arrived with a Flag Shovel in hand, unaware the YHC had asked Abacus to bring one the night before. Abacus shortly arriving there after proceeded to plant Ol’ Glory next to Circle K’s. Hence the name of this post.


YHC proceeded to mosey around the parking lot at an unexpectedly quick pace being his first Q. After a circle around, DaVille circled up infront of the High School for COP. Soon after, Triple Check was revealed and judging by murmurs in the PAX was a favorite during the early morning.


After the Triple Check, the Pax mosied to the soccer field for an unexpected treat – MAN MAKERS!! A personal favorite of YHC back from football practice during his time in high school. Then a segway into poll smokers, with the gauntlet soon after, proved to be sufficient for this morning’s faithful and was confirmed by heavy breathing while circling up around the flags.


It was an honor to be YHC this morning and I appreciate all of those who showed up! Glad to finally get the virgin Q over and done with. See you guys next week!



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  1. Way to be, Sugar Baby! Sounds like a good-un. You can never have too many shovelflags, IMHO.

    Speaking of which, if any of these new Q’s were wondering how to get their hands on one of these fun-making shovel flags, all you need to do is reach out. Lab Rat has an extra from the last round of builds. First pax member with $20 and a beer gets it!

  2. Great VQ Sugar Baby! Thoroughly enjoy The Gauntlet! Looking forward to your next Q hopefully soon.

    LabRat I will take you up on that offer for the shovel flag! Which beer do you want?

  3. Sugar Baby, at less than HALF my age, your leadership skills. stamina, planning, and organization were downright intimidating. You ROCKED as Q. The MAN MAKERS made a bunch of men. Well done! keep doing it. Way to create an excellent workout that lets others follow the example!

  4. I would normally critique this, but I’m just happy to see some names in the DaVille comments other than Lab Rat, Circle K and Swirly.