Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The old grey Saab ain’t what it use to be…


17 gentlemen presented themselves in 36 degree temperatures prepared for morning calisthenics. This is what transpired
COP: Helicopters, DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Pickle Pounders, LBC’s
Amphitheater: Bear crawl from top step to bottom. Perform 5 Derkins each step. Lindays: 30 dips, run to top, 10 Merkins
Doras (Modified): Flutter Kicks (102), Freddy Mercurys (153), Merkins (204)
Triangle: WWII’s (20), bear crawl, Merkins (20), Burpees (20). Two rounds
Inverted pole smokers: Derkin position. Perform 3 derkins, and 1 derkin each time someone passes.
COP: Flutter kicks (51), LBC (21), Merkin (17), Burpee shuffle

While most arrived appropriately suited-up for the chilly temperatures, Hardywood and Rosie came dressed in what one would normally wear to a trail-run in the middle of July (absent Wilson of course). As the PAX progressed through the Bear Crawls in the amphitheater it was noted that there was an unusual absence of mumble chatter. All was made right, however, as Lab Rat arrived during the Doras and shattered the sound of eerie silence.

Residual chatter regarding Honey Do’s (passed) kidney stone remained, which prompted mention of having to file a harassment claim with F3 Corporate. (Corporate promptly responded with what they would do with such a claim.) Others were more inquisitive, however, asking such questions as “is there such as thing as a Kidney-Stone fairy and will he leave you something if you place it in the bottom of your underwear drawer?”

YHC organized today’s workout with the intent to celebrate his birthday and mark his first full year of “respect” with his F3 brethren. As such, certain counts were placed at multiples of 51 throughout. The subtlety was lost on most with the exception of Lockjaw (“ABT”) and his command of the Gregorian calendar. We also took a brief pause to perform a set of merkins in acknowledgement of those running the half-marathon today (TYA, Circle K, Gumbo, others?). Way to go fellas!

Second post at ET was a welcome treat for YHC who had not been able to attend (on a Saturday) due to his summer of running.

Bleeder again kept copious tabs on the merkin count which was 406 today…more for those who added on the end. (Thanks to Lab Rat for the Boo-Ya merkin assists.)

Announcements: VQ next week!, HDHH next week, Bear Creek 10 miler (see Lab Rat’s back door)

Saab abides.


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  1. I had an awesome time today guys. Thanks for all the hard work and camaraderie, and for putting up with my usual nonsense.

  2. Grey Saab ain’t what he used to be, yet still runs most of the pax into the ground. Happy birthday, Glad I could crash the party!

    Mucho Respect.

  3. Heck of a beatdown Saab! Regarding the KS fairy, the size of the stone determines the prize: 6 pack all the way up to Small batch Bourbon. Luckily mine was the 6 pack variety.

  4. Wondered why all the counts were in weird numerical varieties. 51 ? Isn’t that the tail end of life expectancy? Excellent Q Saab! 406 merkins felt more like 451.

  5. Beast of a Q SAAB. Happy birthday. Looks like the sleeves might need to come out tomorrow’s run.

  6. I often wonder what there is to complain about to F3 Corporate? And not having the kidney stone fairy is a good thing? I guess it all depends on what she brings?
    Saab-leg kicks at the end were brutal!
    On a more serious note, I find it extremely awesome there are men who are willing to lead given the current environment of our nation!! My praises, gentlemen!!

  7. Great Q, Saab. 405 ‘Mercans…the gift that will keep on giving all day and most of the next day, too.