Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#CircusMaximus and the Kettlebell Escalator


Three of the faithful gathered on a cool fall morning with kettlebells in hand. Johnsonville plated a VSF and took Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

warmup with ssh, merkins, don quiotes, arm circles, and imperial walkers

Mosey to back of parking lot.

Kettlebell Escalator set #1 (all exercises OYO):
10x American Hammers
20x sit & press
30x merkins
40x clean & jerk (20x each arm)

Mosey to north side of bus loop (all exercises OYO).

Kettlebell Escalator set #2:
10x squat & press
20x curls (10x each arm)
30x rows (15x each arm)
40x single arm swings (20x each arm)
50x mountain climbers

Mosey to around bus loop in grassy area by VSF (all exercises OYO).

10x burpees
20x wall thrusts
30x merkins
40x figure 8s (switching direction after 20x)
50x halos (switching direction after 25x)

Mosey under lighted bus loading area.

Two arm swings in cadence
6 minutes of Mary

COT with YHC taking us out.

Moleskin — A number of our regulars were out today, but we had a strong showing by those who attended. We have come a long with kettlebell strength of the past 6 months or so. Many of us are ready for an upgrade. Great job, men!



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