Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Make Punisher Great Again


Punisher has always been great.  7 PAX including 1 FNG posted on a chilly November morning to demonstrate why.


Mosey to the front field for COP IC: SSH x20, Pickle Pounders x10, Merkins x10, APDs x20, Stick in the Mud/Backlifts x10, Don Quixote x10

Mosey to the end of the soccer field for Lindsays: Broad Jumps and Merkins.

Mosey to the Pavilion for modified Dora 50-100-150: Box Jump Burpees, Weezy Jefferson/Kirk Cousins, Monkey Humpers

Mosey to the playground for Cindy with a slide: 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, then traverse the playground including the slide.  AMLAP.

Mosey back to the front for Hands of Time.  Mosey back to the SF for COT.


Welcome FNG Ronnie and welcome back to Speedo.  Speedo showed how to give all you’ve got, even completing an extra round of pullups.

Broad jumps during Lindsays were an unexpected challenge.  The PAX rose to the occasion and powered through a difficult exercise.

Several PAX commented on the holes in YHC’s sweatpants, but it was nothing YHC had not heard before.  If someone made functional pink leopard print duct tape, it would be on the pants.

Lockjaw asked repeatedly how PAX should know when to go to the next exercise on the Cindys.  “When you are done with your reps” was not clear enough.  Toga rapid-fired several questions in an effort to increase confusion, and missed the part about going through the new playground.  Fudd will be pleased to know that his name was not mentioned.

For those in the Merkin Challenge, PAX did 20 Merkins in the warmup, 100 during Lindsays, and 50 with 5 rounds of Cindys (mileage may vary) for ~170.

Need a date this weekend?  Call Ronnie.  He now has Lindsay, Dora, and Cindy in his portfolio.


Another van to Va Beach this weekend.  Stay tuned for 2nd F details.


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  1. Speedo killed it! I will partner with him on Dora any day. Re Ronnie, the poor guys is going to have to explain that name over and over. He’ll love it.

  2. Here is the upcoming schedule for supporting F3HamptonRoads —

    11/12 — Charleston (The word on the street is that they need more support team numbers. Please consider posting down there this weekend if you can. We were back by noon.)

    11/19 — Team Swirly (with Bleeder and TYA on crew — and others)

    11/26 — Team Hardywood (crew TBD) [THANKSGIVING WEEKEND]

    12/3– Charlotte/Raleigh/Charleston

    12/10 — Team Rosie (crew TBD). This is the big handoff.

  3. Yeah, I was confusing Cindys with 4 Corners, hence my questioning. As for the comment on Fudd, his name was not mentioned; however, I kept thinking “This must be how Fudd feels.”

    Perhaps I am at least a little wiser with regard to Cindys and maybe even Fudd.

    Welcome, Ronnie!

  4. Solid workout Offshore. Getting to play on the slide and chase Toga around the playground was an unexpected treat!

    Thanks to LJ for headlocking me into attending punisher today…nice start to the week.

    Speedo..remember those gloves next time. Good to meet you Ronnie…stay with it!

    Text “F3RVA” to 97000 to get setup.