Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Queen of the pigs!


6 stalwarts posted with an extra hour of sleep under their belts.  Weather was 47 and sunny to begin with, a little hot, but tolerable.

The Thang:

3 options today.

All start out on the northbank trail.  First option is turnaround after 2.8 near the Belle Isle parking area, Offshore and Chum opted for this route.  Second options is the full loop of 7 miles Northbank and buttermilk, Jville, TSB and TYA opted for that path.  Lab Rat added Forrest Hill park for an additional 3+.


Weather was awesome.  Some discussion pre workout regarding long or short sleeves.  Only two, TSB and TYA, opted for short sleeves.  20 minutes into the run, a little chatter complaining about the long sleeves was heard.  By the end, all were wishing for the short sleeve option.  Remember the recommended outfit is now above freezing, short sleeve T and shorts.  YHC is sticking with that garb until further notice (unless there is a specific request for the tights to make an appearance).

At at the start of the buttermilk trail, YHC spied a young tomatoe running the trails and commented to the PAX that she was much better looking than Jville and Lab Rat.  Lab Rat pointed out that it would be quite a beauty contest between Jville, Mr. Rat, and TYA.  It was noted that whoever won that epic battle would be the “queen of the pigs”.

Less than a month away from the December 4th Bear Creek run.  I know we have a bunch of folks running the race.  Sunday on the trails is the perfect place to tune yourself up for that.


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  1. Great run this morning, but to be clear, I totally would have been Queen.

    Also, to those running the Belmonte 50K in March, consider running the Willis River 35K January 10 as a “shakedown”. This is a FATASS run, which means no fees, no tshirts, no wimps. Details at the link, if you want to do it, email the director is all that is required.