Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Easy to get there, tough to get back


14 men showed up for an early run this morning.  Here is what shook out:

Route:  Carillon route for 5 and 6 milers.  For the 4 milers, same out, but come back on Sheppard to Cary after passing the tennis courts at Byrd Park.

NMS:  YHC was thinking Carillon route, everybody knows that route, right?  Well, turns out Back Bay and Copernicus (who is usually running with the 6 mile guys) did not know the exact route to get back across the Powhite and got a little turned around over in Windsor Farms.  YHC was running with Saab this morning, and was glancing back to see if they were behind (because I wanted to take a more scenic route thru the neighborhood).  Luckily, they were found on Cary after a couple minutes of driving around, and were pretty close to getting back on their own.

Straight up, my apologies.  I should have run with them and got them back.  I was talking beer with Saab and was off the Q during the run, when I should have been making sure everybody got the route correct.  This is a great route, but it is tricky to get from the carillon across to Windsor Farms.  This should have been my goal this morning.  Sorry specifically to Back Bay and Copernicus for not watching the six.

Aisle 5 and Taxi Cab had a little mixup this morning as well, although YHC saw Sheppard when he went by, so he doesnt feel guilty on that one!  Great to have you back, Aisle 5…..KOTTERS!

Lab Rat out.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Glad Labrat found y’all Back Bay & Copernicus …. I’v’e been lost in the dark in Windsor farms a few times – no fun..
    Great run this morning guys. TYA on fire baby – love it!
    Awesome to have Aisle 5 back with us..
    Respect – Bleeder Ramm Gears Solo!
    See y’all in the gloom….

  2. No worries at all, Google Maps got us going in the right direction. Eventually.

    Holy hell, you all were STILL talking beer at that point? You’d pretty much covered everything by the time I lost you on Boulevard . . .

  3. Radio R-A-T is like a podcast it can go in depth on many things, I expect the beer topic can run longer than the typical 45 min workout. Save that for a trail run.

  4. Enjoyed the run Lab Rat…thanks for slowing up for me. I look forward to next week’s podcast…

    Getting accustom to chasing TYA. The man was moving today…he more than prepared for the half-marathon. (Once colder weather sets in, expected appearance of the running tights may force me to advance my position…)

  5. In my defense, I feel like I was able to pry enough syllables out of Saab to label it a “conversation”.

  6. In my defense, it was great to have someone take my mind off my ailments. Keep on keepin-on Lab Rat…