Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Plenty of Lightage at CM and Plenty of Gloom


Six of the faithful gathered at #CircusMaximus, all (eventually) having kettlebells in hand. Parking lot lights were shining bright this morning. There were some yawns in the PAX a the outset due to the exquisite late-night World Series finale. We quickly got down to business with Johnsonville (YHC) at Q, and this is how things went down, more or less:

COP warmups (SSH, merkins, arm circles, don quiotes, waiter carry across parking lot and back)
Ciabatta single arm swings. Waiter carry across parking lot and back.
Ciabatta merkin rows. Waiter carry part way ’round CM.
Ciabatta clean and jerk. Plank series. Waiter carry to top of CM near Pump Rd.
Ciabatta goblet squats. Plank series. Waiter carry around front of school.
Ciabatta halos. Waiter carry to sidewalk by top of CM.
Ciabatta sit and press.

Plank in a line, heads near feet.
Variation of native American run along sidewalk toward VSF, except last member of PAX does death crawl with kettlebell to front of plank line. Rinse and repeat until Q says otherwise.


Many are taking on the merkin challenge. We did 30x in warmup. We also did merkins rows, but since they were OYO, counts varied.

Atilla texted YHC after the World Series game expressing regrets that he could not function on only 4 hours sleep. Atilla is carrying Q at #GridIron on Saturday plus leading our 3rd F pre-game beforehand. Atilla rarely misses a #CM or a #GridIron. He gets a pass this time, and probably next.

FlipPhone has not yet invested in a kettlebell of his own. He has been borrowing one from WhiteDeer and DonerKebab, as needed. Several weeks ago, neither WhiteDeer or DonerKebab posted, and FlipPhone was relegated to body weight exercises while the PAX slogged through kettlebell sequences. FlipPhone phoned YHC at about 4am this morning (no doubt using his actual flip phone) to see if a loaner kettlebell would be available. Luckily, YHC silenced his bedside mobile phone in a flash before Mrs. Johnsonville could devolve into Joseph Stalin mode. FlipPhone has now been given a kettlebell for keeps, and all is well.

COT with YHC taking us out.

It was a pleasure to lead this morning. No one who bothered to post slacked off in the least.

— Team Toga is headed to VA Beach this Saturday. We have good numbers for the ride down, but we also have room if you want to take a field trip. Consider joining Team Swirly and/or Team Hardywood in the weeks to come. We need to make sure each workout is fully supported.
— Many races are coming up, and there is plenty of time to train. See TYA if you want to be involved in another team race. See TYA or Chum Bucket if you want to do the Bel Monte endurance race (50m/50k/25k options).


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  1. No slackers in deed this morning. Good Q Jville. KB tabatas always get the blood pumping and death crawls…well, they suck.