Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lightage?…we don’t need no stinking lightage…


12 intrepid men gathered in the dark and unseasonably warm weather for what some speculated would be 30 minutes of Tai Chi followed by a group session aimed at getting in touch with one’s inner feelings.  This is what actually went-down…

Warmup:  Helicopters, DQ’s (Swirly style of course), LBC’s, and Merkins

Field:  Traverse field side to side, out and back.  Perform designated exercise at start, out, and return.   First round:  Merkins (20×3), bear crawl out, crab crawl back.  Second round:  Burpees (6×3) Polar Bear out (merkin every 5 steps), and inchwork merkin back.

11’s:  Touch a tree style.  Merkins and solo leg tosses.  Alternate between run and polar bear/merkin crawl from tree to tree

Jacobs Ladder:  Advance to hill…Burpees to 7.  Perform 5 merkins each time at the bottom of the hill

Circle of fire:  Quick round of merkins (10 each).  51 rosalitas, 17 flutter kicks, 21 LBCs



Upon what he thought was an early arrival and an opportunity to arrive a few seconds before TYA, YHC was reminded of the true value of using toll roads so as to increase time for fellowship and admiration of one’s fashion sense – or lack thereof.  Attention quickly turned to Bleeder’s socks which were imprinted with the faces of the Presidential candidates.  (One can quickly figure which candidate rested on his right versus left foot.)  Having commented on the bipartisan nature of his athletic wear, YHC then refrained from inquiring whether Bleeder’s underwear had on it an imprint of the 3rd-party candidate…Johnson?

As we advanced through the workout, YHC appreciated TYA’s observation regarding the pace of his merkins and their dual application (killer dude).  During Jacob’s ladder, the continued chatter from Lab Rat’s arose concern that the workout was not challenging enough.  Fortunately, his (brief) silence near the tail-end put those concerns to rest.

YHC adjusted today’s workout to favor merkins, and merkin-derivatives as much as possible.  Post-workout discussion resulted in a philosophical debate regarding what constitutes a true merkin, vs a mere “pushup” performed during the execution of another stated exercise.  Fortunately, Corporate was there to lay down the rules, while Bleeder maintained comprehensive analytics of stated exercise throughout.

Announcements: Wednesday hill run (See TYA or Swirly), CSAUP in January (see Swirly), and recurring Thursday lunch (see Lab Rat or TYA)…or just visit a nearby gentleman’s club at noon on stated day and you will probably see them both.

Anyway, Baseline merkins today were officially 195.  Additional merkins performed during Polar Bears and inchworms were an additional 40.  (This is a conservative number and one may adjust accordingly.)

Saab abides



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  1. Always a pleasure and a privilege to lead guys. Thanks for the workout and good humor along the way.

  2. Well done gents. WDog without lightage, well that’s absurd…that’s deep gloom like SOT!

    Way to stay ahead of the game on the merkin challenge!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Heck of a beatdown and BB Saab! 3rd candidate Johnson – freaken hilarious …
    See y’all in the gloom – or this afternoon for some hill runs…

  4. Great Workout SAAB! With the presidential race continuing to heat up, the left and right took a pounding today, as far as the other candidate; I am happy to report that Gary Johnson remained unsoiled in the process.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    “3rd Party” needs to be banked for an FNG. Great workout, Saab. I’m certain i may have to eat Thanksgiving with my feet if we keep up this merkin pace.

  6. All Q’s take note: In the future, please do not interpret the difficulty of a workout based upon how much Lab Rat talks. I talk during ALL workouts. It’s how I cope with my insecurities, of which I have many.

    This morning was an absolute smoke-fest.