Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It has been 0 days since our last run related injury


2 guys named Paul met YHC at the trailhead this morning for a beautiful, albeit dark start to the day.  Here is what transpired:

Short Run:  No takers

-Medium run:  1 loop around the main trails, starting on Northbank, downriver side of Belle, back on Buttermilk including the lariat trail for right at 7 miles.

-Long run:  2 loops of above, second one in reverse.  14 miles total.


YHC was the third pax in the lot this morning, expecting to see more headlights any second, but they never showed.  Oh well, let’s roll….first couple of miles this morning artificial light was required.  TYA and YHC had planned putting some distance on our feet this morning as an early jump start to the 50K training regimen.  YHC is sure that Offshore would have hung with us, but he is battling with some foot issue and 1 lump was enough this morning.

Somehow, Offshore rolled into the parking lot with dripping blood all down his hand.  YHC was never given a straight answer as to what happened, but YHC knows that he definitely broke our safety streak.

Some good conversation was had on both loops today.  Good to run with Offshore for a bit, it feels like it has been a while.

Always awesome to run with TYA, thanks for going long with me today.  Little did TYA know, but that was the longest run ever for YHC.  The company made it a breeze!

Lab Rat out.



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  1. Tread carefully around TYA on the trails, or you too will walk into the parking lot soaked in blood!

  2. I’m anxious for TSB to return so I can say I can l keep up with a top 10 cross country runner.