Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Salmon: Healthy, but not Gloom friendly


A fearsome four posted to Circus Maximus on a beautiful fall morning. Temperature was 48, in between short sleeve and long sleeve temps.

COP:  SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Hillbillys (w/Jville flair optional)

THE Thang-  Mosey to back of school. attempt Merkin Rows into Side plank, audible to side palank with KB. then 5 sets of: Donkey kicks, 20 Swings, lunge, KB Hops, and Halos. 30 seconds of plank with KB drags.

MOSEY to field- Triple check. Run, Situp press, Cleans. alter to Dora- 50 Situp presses, 100 Swings, 150 Tricep presses.

Mosey back to parking lot for Chiabattas- Rows and Alabama Honeymoons. Finish up with American Hammers. Atilla took us out.

NMS- It was a PAX of 3 until 5:30 when Chum arrived to make us an even four. mumblechatter broke out immediately from the Gloucester gang during the COP, but subsided when Jville had to make a facility run 5 min in. Apparently he had Salmon last night and that did not go well with tossing around a kettlebell in the gloom. YHC thinks this after Wilson’s digestive issues at Dogpile last week means PAX should avoid Salmon before posting. Stick to Ribs and burritos, but I digress.

The side plank with KB high might be a keeper although getting it up repeatedly is unwise. YHC felt at liberty to tinker with KB variations with a small and veteran KB PAX.

Jville arrived back refreshed during the Triple  Check, moving us into a Dora.

Mumblechatter at the end was about how Atilla has a future in radio with his gruff and low voice. If we ever have a F3RVA event to broadcast a pairing of Marv and Atilla would be gold over  the airwaves.

The Circus Maximus regulars were missed today, even Toga.



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  1. I do like ribs. But that salmon was good. I think it was the combo of wine & salmon that did Wilson in. Glad to hear he got it all worked out………

  2. Nice Q Honeydo. Not sure I remember KB Hops – new? Maybe those knocked loose some angry salmon in Jville.

    It seems that salmon has been the real punisher of F3RVA over the past week.

    Nice work guys.