Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Glowsticks, baseball, and Orion’s Belt


13 Regulars and 4 FNGs posted to Daville to gaze upon a star filled sky, play some baseball  (F3 style) and enjoy the gloom. Here is how it went:

Circle K pointed YHC to a field, Mosey over to field

COP: SSH, Merkins, Heels 2 Heaven, Don Qs.

Break out glowsticks to make a baseball Diamond. 4 stations, where the numbers added up to #  of years since World Series appearance. Count was 27 on 1st, 17 on 2nd, 17 on 3rd, 5 on home.

Game 1- Merkins, American Hammers, Shoulder Press, Burpees.  CUBS WIN

Game 2- PLTs, Mtn Climbers, Heels 2 Heaven, Burpees.  INDIANS WIN

Game 3- Jump Squats, Plerkins, Alabama Prom Dates, Burpees.  CUBS WIN

Game 4- CDDs,  Freddy Mercurys, WWII situps, Burpees. CUBS WIN

Game 5- Merkins, AmericanHammers,  Shoulder Press, Burpees. INDIANS WIN

Game 6- PLTs, Mtn Climbers, Heels 2 Heaven, Burpees. CUBS WIN.

Celebrate with 15 Burpees!

Mosey to parking lot. Polar bear 50 yards. Mosey back to flag, Ring of Fire Merkins. YHC took us out and Tigger did as well.

NMS- YHC tried to make his maiden voyage to Daville count. Whether the PAX did 4 to 7 “games” depended on time, 6 was about right. It has been a year since glowsticks made it out on a Honeydo Q but Circle K remembers from past beatdowns and knew the PAX was in for some fun. After YHC declared game 1 for the cubs some pax began to root for the 4 game sweep, alas the Indians made it a series.

It has been a while since Partner Shoulder Presses made it into the gloom, and Plerkins are a hit in Daville now too. YHC lucked out to partner with Chapstick on the presses as he weighs at most 130.

Welcome FNGs Atlas, Hurst, Tigger, and Sparky. Each of you put in a strong effort today. As well be warned if you ride a bike, or even just own one, in Hanover Abacus WILL EH you.

It was a pleasure to come out and Q this fine group of men. YHC has not met some of this PAX enjoyed the warm welcome. Tigger’s words at the end were a great way to start my day, it is powerful to see someone new articulate what an awesome thing we have here in RVA with F3, Aye!





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  1. All FNG’s this morning commanded RESPECT, but Tigger with 33 years military service under his (Orion’s) belt gets the astrisk. Great to see these men grace us.

    Also, that was a damn fine Q, HoneyDo! You definitely know how to turn up the pain dial. No donkey kicks was a little upsetting though (just kidding, I hate those damn things).

  2. HoneyDo and Glowsticks. World Series themed beatdown. Cooler weather is definitely here. Great Q HoneyDo. Welcome to all the new guys. Hope to see all of you at many future workouts.

  3. Still think Christopher Robin was better but apparently real name F3 names are gauche, see Kevin Bacon/McRib. Drive out and back to Daville was not nearly as bad as I thought, definitely won’t be a “guest” next time…

  4. Great Q Honeydo! Thanks for making the trip up to us! Enjoy every exercise even that painful Polar Bear!

  5. Thanks for the beat down this morning, Honeydo! It was a great way to kick off the day — loved seeing all the FNG’s this morning — they really hung in there! I remember what it was like my first time out and I hope they all come back when they start seeing the value of joining together and doing this crazy thing we do.