Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Year of the Rat


8 Strong men + 1 FNG showed up to celebrate a beautiful Saturday morning and Lab Rat’s 1 year anniversary the only way either should be celebrated….with a beat down.  It went down a little something like this:


  • SSH
  • Seal Jacks
  • Merkins
  • Arm Circles
  • LBC’s


  • 4 corners:  partner up in back corner of endzone, X25 Partner Leg Tosses each, then lunge down sideline to far corner of opposite endzone.  X25 PLT’s each, karaoke across back of endzone.  Rinse and repeat back to starting point, plank up for the six.
  • X10 squat jump burpees OYO, X20 dying cockroaches IC
  • Lindsays 1:  Starting at corner of endzone, perform 30 merkins &10 LBC’s, sprint to next corner.  25 merkins, 15 LBC’s.  Progress back to starting point adding and taking away 5 exercises until reaching starting point and 10 merkins/30 LBC’s.  Al Gore for the six.
  • Mosey to pillars-
    • people’s chair, switching between high version and low version….low version shoot for thighs parallel to ground.
    • slalom pillars to back of school.
  • Rusty Cage:  Pullups starting at 5 and decending to 1, partner up for assistance.
  • Lindsays 2:  Between the foul poles on the baseball field, carolina dry docks and Imperial walkers (2-count).
  • Mary:  American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries


First off, my apologies to those that showed up for this workout and did not have this BB  posted on a timely fashion….no excuses there.

Now for the rest of it….so the soon to be Lab Rat posted on a crisp October day last year upon hearing this group that Circle K (friend from before F3) had been working out with.  YHC could not contain himself, as he had been struggling with motivation lately, and could not get anybody to get up and do P90X with him in the gym.  Although YHC was what I thought of as running shape at the time, Earthworm did his magic, and the hour took a big toll.  I remember turning to Doner Kebab (my partner for the morning) and saying “really, more partner leg throws?  Is this how it always is?”  DK responded with:  “yeah, that’s kind of our thing”.

Well, fast forward 1 year to Saturday.  This workout was an homage to that PLT-o-rama, but with a little Lab Rat flare, half the number of PLT’s, and a little more variety.  As YHC told Earthworm, he had to resist the urge to show up and say “we are running a 10K this morning” (as Earthworm notoriously hates running).  All in good fun of course.

YHC partnered up with White Deer for the PLT’s this morning, and that man is a machine!  Well, he has machine knees, but the heart of a champ.  Good to getting to know you a bit, White Deer!

Atilla attacked the pullups with fervor, getting a little help when needed but made a point to do those last couple solo giving it all he had.  FEBA!

Poor Chum showed up just in time to go from a Swirly beatdown straight into pullup station.  Not one to complain, he banged them out like a pro.

Johnsonville, Nightcrawler and Emu quietly went about the business of getting things done.  Well done, gentlemen!

HoneyDo always has great banter, and does an excellent job keeping an eye out for the six, and any potential issues that the Q might miss.  Thanks for your presence, brother.

Earthworm is mostly sidelined with an injury ATM, but that doesnt stop him from showing up and doing what he can.  Most people would just stay in the fartsack, but he isnt most people.

Not to get too sappy, but I would be remiss not to take a moment to thank everyone that makes F3 a thing, posts to my Q’s, makes fun of me, runs with me even when I dont wear a shirt, and generally listens to my nonsense.  I would especially like to express my gratefulness to anybody that has Q’d a workout in which I have posted, as you are the people that kicked my ass all the way to here.  Thanks a bunch, men.


Lab Rat out.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Mr. Rat, glad you’ve been out with the PAX for a year. You bring a ton to this group and I am sorry I missed the anniversary Q. PLT’s are a killer. To the next year…..

  2. Couldn’t miss this one, nice work Lab Rat. Can’t imagine F3 RVA without you, Aye!
    On a side note, still miffed Emu did not get named Borat. I mean if Pickle barrel’s naming lives on I hope discerning minds prevail if he posts again to have it changed.

  3. His name is Genny Light. NOT Pickle Barrel. #nomorrenaming Sorry I missed this, but the coffee at ET’s was calling me………..

  4. PS, his first name was Pickle Barrel, and you got it changed after the fact, so I agree: #nomorerenaming! I understand, the pull of ET’s is strong.