Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Mother Teresa of F3RVA


8 stalwarts emerged from the gloom this morning for Sunday morning run. 40 degrees and clear from a weather perspective.


3 routes, 4+ reedy creek and back, 7+ add forest hill loop, 10+ add northbank trail.

2 PAX, offshore and the FNG, opted for the 4+.  All the others went all in with option 3.

Lots of talk about what to wear pre workout.  YHC changed from tights to shorts before he left the house.  Once on site in the parking lot, I shed my second shirt and went with a  long sleeve shirt only.  Shorts all around for everyone else, most opted for more than one shirt.  Once on the trail, no one was complaining about the cold.  My new recommendation is shorts and t shirt as long as it is above freezing.  Below freezing – add on layer.

Mumble chatter was abundant today on the trails.  The talk was led by Lab Rat and Upchuck.  Lots of discussion on who was the most talkative.  Only one of the PAX was voting for someone other than Lab Rat as the most talkative.  I will let you guess who that was (hint.  It rhymes with cab bat).  The group kept a good pace going the whole trip.




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  1. Observations and Considerations:
    – TYA was intrepid – and could have easily pulled in 20 if ET had not beckoned.
    – 10 degrees or less…”maybe” it is acceptable to wear something that extends beyond the knees.
    – Witnessed a bare-legged version of Mother Theresa with more colorful language.
    – Unexpected conversation regarding a very important letter in Chum Bucket’s name – and his ‘strap-on’.

    Saab out

  2. TYA, thanks for whittling down the entire “what to wear?” conversation down to the bare minimum so that the reader gets it. You left out the heart rate monitor part.

    Lab Rat feels yall are selling Upchuck short….that dude can talk! respect.

    Felt good to go long again. I am feeling a better-than-half-marathon distance in our near future.