Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gloom World of Sports


10 Regular and 6 FNG’s Stormed into New Highland for a sporty good time:



SSH  x 25
Hillbillies  x 15
Don Quixotes  x 15
American Hammer  x 15
LBC  x 20
Arm Circles  x5 small, x 5 large – Reverso

20 Merkins on your own


Partner Up, together complete 200 “Jump Shot” squats while running suicides


Run the bases

1st – Burpees x 10
2nd – Merkins x 20
3rd – Mountain Climbers (2 count) x 30
Home – Touch a tree, 1 guy touches 16 trees, 2 guy touches 15 trees, etc..

Complete two times


Crab vs Bear

Divide into teams, one team has to crab walk while the other has to bear crawl. Once someone scores a goal, then the teams swap roles (bear to crab and crab to bear). Team that is scored on does 10 Burpees. Goalies have to plank. 10 minutes of play

Ring of Fire

Pax planks will one member does 10 merkins until all Pax members complete the exercise


Carpenter took us out


YHC didn’t know what to expect this morning. The Carpenter had some serious EHing going on the night before in FB. When YHC arrived he was surprised to see all the FNG’s that showed up. The shovel flag was planted and we got to work.

Chatter was lite to start during the COP but with two FIFO FNG’s showing up, the PAX quickly got excited.

The theme was an extension of Carpenter’s ESPN post from last week. It’s a busy time in american sports at the moment so YHC (a sport fanatic himself) felt a sport theme was needed

First up, basketball. College basketball starts up in a just a few weeks and one of the most popular exercise for this sport is suicides. Also you can’t play basketball without practicing your jump shot so about 200 should do the trick. The PAX reluctantly agreed.

Next in honor of the up coming World Series time for a little baseball. Every PAX member was able to bat 1.000 with 2 homers. They had to do it the hard way but hopefully it was worth it.

Final sport was Soccer. YHC isn’t a huge soccer fan but if you add some crab walking and bear crawls into the sport I guess it’s ok. Abacus and Sugar Baby were some tough goalie but a few goals were had. Final score ended in a tie 2-2.

Time to mosey back to the flag for a ring a fire. Near the end of exercise and special guest came though and gave Abacus a slap on the butt. It’s ok that was just his wife 😉

Shout out to our most seasoned FNG Wild Thing (Double Respect) and our youngest Chewy (12) for posting.

Welcome to our other FNG’s: Pincher, Mud Face, ChowDAH, and Strickland (had to leave early will be named later). Hope to see you post again soon

YHC continues to be encouraged by Iron Sharpening Iron every week. The Creek has bought about just another reason why the 2nd F is so important.


YHC and Abacus explained a little more about what F3 is all about.




  1. Strong Q this morning, Spit! We are firing up the troops up here and EHing like crazy. We all need to be challenged to fight off the Sad Clown tendencies and we are seeing that happen. Let’s keep pushing to get every man engaged in the camaraderie!

  2. 6 FNGs, that is awesome. Hope to see some of you guys at Dogpile in the morning. Well done Spit – sounds like a great and brutal workout