Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Concert Traffic?


14 Faithful posted for a Wednesday morning beatdown at WDog.  Unseasonably warm weather, but mid sixties and no clouds is not bad weather for a workout.

The Thang:

Mosey across the street towards the lake.  Stop at the median in the road for a COP.  Intro and disclaimer followed by 10x Merkins, 20x Imperial walkers, 15x arm circles, 20xLBC, 10x Abe Vigoda.  Mosey across the street to the old abandoned road.  Roller coaster 11’s, run down the hill and up the other side to the gate posts, 10 freddy mercury and 1, squat jump.  back to the other gate posts and 9 and 2… and so on.  Mosey on sidewalk to top of stairs around the lake.  Ark loader mini beast.  Run from one staircase to the other 6x appointed exercise, run down the steps, perform animal movement to the bottom of the other set of steps 6x exercise, run to top of steps, 6x exercise.  Repeato 3x, exercises were merkins with bear crawls, WWII setups with inch work merkins, and burpees with crab walks. Mosey back to shovel flag.  15x Rosalie and 40x LBC.  Announcements prayer and out into the day.


Lots of moving vehicles this morning.  30 seconds before the workout started, Circle K turned the corner into the parking lot and was coming in hot.  Did not watch the whole thing, but I think he opened the door did a full body roll and jumped to his feet for the initial Mosey.  From the start of the workout to its completion, Circle K spent a total one 45:01 at the AO.  Crossing the street to the lake side of the street should be a simple task.  Unfortunately, the folks that feel better about paying $100 a month to workout had a workout at the lake.  As such, there were several cars passing by as we tried to cross the street and navigate our way to the lake.   Fortunately, we/they were careful and no issues ensued. Also when we were planking up after one of the exercises, a car came down the road and Swirly had to quickly move to the safety of the grass.

Several partial or not so partial posts to todays workout.  Nancy posted for the workout a few moments late and could not find us despite running around the whole AO (even if we stayed on campus, Wdog is one of the hardest workouts to find the PAX mid workout on).  He finally found us fort he last two Mary exercises and enjoyed that part of the workout with the PAX.  Mini-me tweeted me for directions/clarifications about the location of the AO.  Kept thinking he would post, but alas he got lost (lesson here may be not to get directions from me).  Finally, Toga texted me asking me if the workout would be “Fancy Lad” friendly.  Not sure why, but that means that it would be an easy workout.  After several punches and counterpunches, Toga indicated that I would see him in the morning. Alas, Toga didn’t post.  I will say his reason for not posting was completely legit and I have no issues with him not posting.  But I also think i have “hand” on him now that he gave me crap about one of my workouts and then didn’t end up posting.  As an aside, I had a separate workout planned for Toga to make sure he was appropriately challenged…will have to catch him with it next time.


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  1. Enjoyed the excursion today, along with the sounds Cirle-K was making during Rosalita’s.

    Finally experienced something I dislike more than bear crawls…The Inchworm Merkins were no joke. Well played TYA…

  2. Was too spent to annunciate numbers at the end of today’s workout. Just my version of MUMBLEchatter.

  3. No roll but the door was opened before the Jeep stopped, ready for exit into the gloom. Great beatdown and great way to start the day.

  4. TYA that was no joke!! I think all of the pax felt challenged today and we are all better for it. However I will have about 70 patients today that do have a grip with you as their Chiropractor is on the Physically Unable to Perform list: Twocan also stole a page from Circle K’s mumble chatter handbook and slurrrrred out Litttle Babbbby crushezzzz at the end. Well done today Twocan well deserved slurred speech