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F3 Tidewater Expansion — HEADLOCKS NEEDED



FOLLOW UP on 10/17/2016: Dreamliner reports that he has received only 1 contact from F3Richmond.

I am hoping that you all have been reaching out to guys in the Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News area, but have just not gotten around to sending their contact info to HamptonRoads@f3nation.com. Please continue to headlock men for the Hampton Roads expansion.

Once you contact someone (unless they hang up on your or tell you definitively to f*** off), then please send their contact info to HamptonRoads@f3nation.com.



If you have posted to F3 workouts around Richmond lately, I am sure you know that F3Richmond is working with F3Nation to expand into Tidewater. For the 6 weeks commencing on Nov 5, F3Richmond and other F3 regions will send teams to Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach to run 0700 Saturday workouts. F3Richmond is covering four of those six workouts. More on that below.

Sending teams of men several hours away to run a few 1 hour workouts is pretty easy. The really hard part — and the really important part — is getting the word out. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO SUPPORT F3’s EXPANSION INTO TIDEWATER IS TO HEADLOCK EVERY POTENTIAL SAD CLOWN YOU KNOW IN TIDEWATER RIGHT NOW. The plan is to quickly expand into Hampton, so please include men from both sides of the tunnels!

There are no hard and fast “how to headlock” rules. However, the F3Nation expansion gurus suggest (i) calling contacts and telling them about F3 and the launch, (ii) telling them that you will email them some info, and (iii) following up with an email containing the following:

(a) The flier announcing the launch (contact me at flbiggs@kbbplc.com if you need a copy);

(b) Links to the main F3 website (http://f3nation.com/), the intro videos on F3’s main site (https://vimeo.com/156581438 and https://vimeo.com/143444379), and the top 5 excuses men give not to attend an F3 workout; and

(c) A link to TYA’s supurb backblast from last week as an example of what this community is about.

Finally, please send names and email addresses of all potential contacts to Tyler Hudson at HamptonRoads@f3nation.com so we can update potential PAX members on important info (like the twitter page and web site once they are set up).

Please start headlocking now — don’t wait.

Now, back to the launch schedule. As noted above, teams from Richmond will run 4 of the 6 workouts. Teams from Charlotte, Raleigh, and/or Charleston will run the other 2. We will cover 11/5, 11/19, 11/26, and 12/10. I have appointed the following men as team leaders on the associated dates:

11/5 — Team Toga (with Splinter Lab Rat on crew — and others)
11/12 — Charlotte/Raleigh/Charleston
11/19 — Team Swirly (with Bleeder and TYA on crew — and others)
11/26 — Team Hardywood (with HoneyDo on crew — and others) [THANKSGIVING WEEKEND]
12/3– Charlotte/Raleigh/Charleston
12/10 — Team Rosie (with Johnsonville on crew — and others)

We need at least 1 full clown car on each team. Two clown cars are even better. Thus, I encourage you to join one or more of these teams by contacting the applicable team leader (or, alternatively, contacting me and I will work to place you).

The team leaders will have full discretion to run the workouts. They may keep Q for themselves for the entire 1 hour or hand it off. If you are really chomping at the bit to share Q, then talk to the applicable team leader. I understand that Mount Trashmore is an epic AO, and I cannot wait to check it out.

As with all launches, F3Nation wants each team to discuss and stress some core F3 tenets (e.g., open to all faiths or no faith, COT, etc.). I will work with team leaders to make sure those basics are known and understood. I am asking team leaders and their crews to hang out down there for coffee after workouts.

Thank you for your support of this effort. I have no doubt that if we can do our part and get the word out, then the Tidewater launch will be a success and F3Richmond will enjoy huge benefits from a strong neighboring region.

Please do not hesitate to email me or pull me aside after a workout if you have questions.

Thanks! Johnsonville


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