Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Give it to Fudd, He’s Worth It


20 PAX, near and far, new and old, posted for a 1.0 friendly workout.  A little Eminem started the day then a quick mosey to the far circle for disclaimer and COP.

– SSH x25
– Hellicopter x15
– Don Quixote x15
– Imperial Walker x15
– Arm Circles x10 small x5 large.  Forward & Backward

The Thang
Quick mosey to base of Carillon for 11s.  Burpees / WWII.  Start at the base of the Carillon, run to the top platform for 10 burpees and 1 WWII sit-up.  Run back to the bottom platform for 9/2.  Up and down until 1/10.  Flutter kicks for those that finished early.

Stroll to the field for a full court beast.  6 of each exercise at three stops along the field to the end.  Touch the incline then repeat coming back, stopping at 3 stations for 6 of said exercise.  Exercises were:  merkins, jump squats, werkins, ball dippers, clerkins, monkey humpers.  Various exercises for those that finish early.

Quick excursion to the amphitheater dip ladder.  Grab the back wall and start with 18 dips.  Drop one for each stair on the way down all the way to 1.  1 dying cockroach that followed instructions and the rest plank at the bottom.  Work way back up the steps with 4 step ups at each step up to the top.  Plank up in the circle when complete.

New exercise:  Noah’s Arc.  Plank up 2 by 2 in a line in the circle.  2 PAX at the front start with 10 merkins then run the arc around the circle until they reach the back of the 2 by 2 line.  Once they reach the back the 2 at the front do 10 merkins then take off running.  Repeat the cycle until all animals are off the arc.  As an added bonus we added 2 merkins for the whole PAX every time a pair reached the back.

Back to SF.

YHC hadn’t led a #DogPile workout in quite a while.  Convergence last week provided the extra push necessary to sign up.  Apparently YHC has a bit of a reputation for complex math.  Much to Lab Rat’s enjoyment the only requirement today was to be able to count to 20.  There was an arc involved however.  Since an arc is simply a part of a circle YHC didn’t think it would be a problem.

Lots of mumble chatter throughout the PAX today.  Especially during the beast.  Someone finally figured out why that exercise is called the beast.  I’m not sure who it was but congrats!  That’s right, more fun with numbers, pagan style.  Enunciation continues to be a problem for YHC as apparently wide grip merkins sounds a lot like “migrant workers”.  Offshore (fartsack?) will have to come up with an exercise to fit that name.

Wilson complained today that the 11s must have looked better on paper than in practice.  YHC believes it looked pretty darn good in practice also.  Who would have thought WWIIs would be harder than burpees?  Perhaps the 5 pound yeti head wrap Wilson was wearing threw off his center of gravity.

Someone declared Noah’s Arc a success.  Glad when a plan comes together!  For those wondering what the 4th and 5th F stand for ask Fudd (4th) to describe his Flatulence (5th).

For those seeking more information on the McShin Foundation see the following:  http://mcshin.org.

Thanks as always for letting me lead.  See everyone in the gloom.

– 2nd F only this Wednesday for HDHH.  5:00’ish @ Hardywood (the brewery not at Hardywood’s house).
– Lost & Found is still collecting clothes.  Get them to him somehow and somewhere before 10/29.
– Winstons is looking for help with a men’s retreat.  See him for more details.

Splinter out.



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done Splinter – been awhile since we crushed the full field beast !
    Love the I’m worth it clip – atta baby Fudd!
    Great job today guys – except for name o Rama – oh how disappointed I am …. Yep will be making some entry’s into some files today for sure …..
    See y’all in the gloom !

  2. Put an entry in my file as you see fit, but make sure it says “he finally did solve the riddle”!

    Welcome back to Lola! That’s L O L A Lola.

    Great Q today, Splinter! Noahs ark definitely worked.

  3. Great Q Splinter!

    I also agree with Labrat…the Noah’s ark was a nice addition to the routine. Especially since I was paired with Oyster and had to kick it into high gear around the ark to keep up.

    Fudd…thanks for teaching me about the 4th F. It went well with the monkey humpers on the beast.

    Thanks for leading Splinter.


  4. @Lost & Found – i have a bunch of stuff to give you. Which workouts do you plan to attend this week?

  5. Today was fun. I agree the arc was a great new addition! That “Yeti” is just the next level of awesomeness! There are too many long sleeve wearing PAX. Had to up my game. And yes it likely made my WWII sit ups a bit more difficult! Fudd, I enjoyed watching the video (for obvious reasons), but your continued selection of music concerns me. What did Carter do to you at VMI that make you recite teenage girl music? See y’all in the gloom!

  6. Sounds like a plan game together, nice crew this morning there are many names I don’t known I need to change up AOs sometimes. Great work splinter!!!

  7. Great workout, Splinter. For the record, I thought ”arc” was a clever intentional play on words describing the exercise.