Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just Like ESPN (Almost…)


10 men stormed into #TheCreek on a crisp morning at 5:30 AM. The GLOOM was deep without a doubt! Abacus buried the shovel flag, and YHC (The Carpenter) fired up the troops for fast-paced Q. The theme for the Q was “Just Like ESPN (Almost).” The PAX tackled almost all of the exercises in sets of 20 while wondering how ESPN had anything to do with the challenge.


Mosey around the parking lot with a sharp turn away from the entrance back toward the bell tower. The PAX stopped where they left off last week in the grass behind the DUMPSTER.


20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 SSH, 20 Hillbillies, 20 SSH, 20 Arm Rotations, 20 SSH, 20 American Hammers, 20 SSH

Mosey to the picnic area.

20 step-ups on the picnic table seats. Sprint around the church building. 20 step ups.

Hallelujahs – Sprint around the church building with hands in the air. 20 step ups hallelujah-style with hands up!

Partner up and do 3 Hail Mary sets on the picnic table flap jacking between partners.

20s for 20

Mosey across the field and located a corner.

Exercises moving through each corner of the field for a total of 20 minutes:

  1. 20 jump squats
  2. 20 merkins
  3. 20 world war II sit-ups
  4. 20 dips

Mosey to the flag at the edge of the parking lot.

End Of The Show

20 SSHs with crowd cheers!

COT, Numberama, Namerama…

FNG was named Toothbrush because Guppie saw him brushing his teeth in his truck before the start. Guppie couldn’t believe that someone would brush his teeth in a truck in a parking lot at 5:28 AM! Guppie has a lot to say for 13 year old… YHC took us out with a prayer and call to love and lead this day.


This was the second Q for YHC after getting some (much-deserved) heat for not stepping up from The Creek and DaVille. 10 men, including a FNG (Toothbrush) and a guest from Raleigh (Fluoride) arrived in waves. The energy was high and the cool fall air appears to be igniting a higher level of engagement.

There was some pre-workout theatrics as Chapstick forgot his gloves. YardSale (his Dad) drove off at 5:22 AM to get them and the PAX wondered if he would make it back. Abacus showed up with his normal fire in his eyes but then realized that he wasn’t going to Q because YHC had signed up on the spreadsheet. Abacus and Guppie (his son) had set up a full Q with cones and a full line-up of exercises. Abacus pocketed the Q for another morning. Yardsale rolled back into the parking lot at 5:29 AM in dramatic fashion to a cheering crew!

YHC reminded the PAX the basic idea that F3 is a you-vs-you workout. Shortcuts do not do you any favors. If someone is ahead of you, then do not cut short your reps in order to keep up. Work harder so that you get stronger so you won’t have to do that in the (near) future. “The workouts don’t get easier but you will get stronger!” C’mon, MAN!

There was a good level of mumble chatter throughout the morning as the team got to work. The Hallelujahs running added a twist to the normal sprints around the church building at The Creek. Spit took the lead and showed how committing to 3-4 F3 workouts per week can up the game!

The PAX stopped in the middle of the field and looked up at the stars for a very short respite. Sometimes we need to look up in order to look forward and (re)engage with facing life’s challenges. The brief glance up set up the 20s for 20 throw down in the field.

Guppie and Abacus lapped some of the PAX in their aggressive attacking of the “20s for 20” exercises in the field. They are a strong and competitive father/son combo. YardSale gave the “Thank you, Carpenter. Give me another!” part way through the “20s for 20” that showed that he was in for a good fight (against himself in F3 style). Toothbrush shared that he was about to throw up in the field. THAT is the goal, brothers! A splash merlot makes everything better but he was able to hold it in (this time).

It was also noted the SSH total was 120 and it looks like YHC wants to increase that number with every Q (45 minutes of SSH…?)

ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary films was the inspiration for today’s Q. We went with “20 for 20” today but the PAX showed that they could step up to a “30 for 30” beat down in the very near future. we were just like ESPN (almost) today. Stay tuned for this possibility at The Creek or DaVille in the weeks ahead…

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  1. Great Q, The Carpenter! back for 30 for 30 next time. The grass smelled like Tai food during ‘merikins. What’s the deal?

  2. I smelled the same thing but there was a scent of Colgate toothpaste with it. Pad Thai with toothpaste?

  3. If you gots to splash merlot during a workout, you should carry a toothbrush in your truck.

    Way to step it up, Carpenter!