Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

American-Mexican Relations Are Perplexing


A Terrific Twelve turned up for WDog for another cool fall morning in the gloom.  The PAX knew it was trouble when YHC brought out the headlamp.

COP- 15 of SSH, Mtn Climbers, Freddy Mercurys, Merkins, DQs. Mosey to field for: Bunny hops and butter kickers, x2. Then Karaoke across x2. Mosey to Rusty Cage.

Pull Ups and Chin Ups. 4,6,8 then back down to 4. Then Jerkins, 2 sets of 6 each: overhand and underhand. Back to Pull ups. AMRAP with partner, 2 times  then AMRAP Jerkins x2.

Mosey to Carillon for Triple check. Plerkins  (Elbow plank and Derkins on partner back) while runner goes up and down Carillon.

Mosey to field for Honeymoon Suite: Diamond Merkins  (focus on triangle placement ), APDs, Monkey Humpers, more Diamond Merkins, the ln Pickle Pounders. Finish up with Circle Burp. Mosey back to flag.

COT and BackBay took us out.

NMS – YHC learned upon arrival he was the topic of discussion at Spider Run yesterday, thanks Splinter. At least that lead to a legitimate chance to use a Lebowski quote in context. YHC was also surprised to see TYA post, given his longstanding aversion to YHC’s Qs, maybe he has heard Honeydo Qs are getting soft, and we can’t have that.

The PAX spent most of the beatdown in the dark at the Rusty Cage. There was some confusion as to how the 468 was to work but the PAX figured it out. On the 2nd round YHC made the call to AMRAP the pull ups to which some PAX wondered what that meant. Apparently we do not AMRAP enough exercises and YHC will aim to fix that. Also PAX be warned there is a written part of Corporate re-certification that pulls heavily from the Lexicon.

This 2nd iteration of the Triple Check using Plerkins was a hit again. YHC made a crucial miscalculation by partnering with PAX member with tree trunks for legs making the plank all the more painful.

The Honeymoon Suite produced very ltitle mumblechatter this time, even with the addition of the Diamond Merkins. Either the PAX was spent by then or the HS has outlived it’s cache. Also good to see Peaches out 3 days in a row this week, Aye!

Announcements- be sure to EH and sign up to help with a Hampton Roads beatdown in November. DK is leading a 2.0 friendly Gridiron this Saturday.

  1. Pleasure as always to step out and lead this am.






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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    This was a great workout – well done Honeydo! Great job guys.. Not sure it was Splinter who outed you -Upchuck maybe? Either way – what guy hasn’t taken a leak in his front yard – aye….
    See y’all in the gloom….

  2. Nice work fellas. Extra time at the Rusty Cage and Plerkins…Honey Do wasn’t messing around this morning.

    I assume the F3RVA Lexicon re-certification includes the use of “Goldberg” to identify a curb, correct?

  3. Yes Gumbo, there is specific RVA knowledge required. Like to Fartsack on a Q is known as a Wilson, basic stuff…

  4. Given the obscure and undefined reference to AMRAP in the Lexicon, Saab will just have to attend more workouts to better understand the parlance of F3 RVA.

    Micturate – in the parlance of our times, a word not recognized by Websters nor F3 Lexicon, but well acknowledged by Achievers everywhere.