Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Building Blocks of Pain


16 F#RVA Daville faithful fought off the fartsack on a crisp fall morning to make themselves and the community better by pushing through a beatdown that went something like this:

Start of in plank at Shovel Flag.  Wilson’s wife, Fudd’s wife followed by merkins x 12 IC

Mosey across parking lot to YHC’s trailer to select  your Building Block of Pain (cinderblock) to be used throughout the rest of the beatdown.  Circle up in center of parking lot for COP.  Exercises:

Invisible Jumprope x 20 IC, Arm circles x10 front and back IC.

Mosey to front door of Atlee High School with block.  Lunge to bus loop with block.

Four corners around outer bus loop.  Exercises included LBCx25, Flutterkickx25, WWIIx25, Freddie Mercuryx25.  Run between stations with block.

Mosey to behind Atlee High School for Triple Check.  Run with block to other side of bball courts.  Kettle bell swings, and balls to the wall.

Restrictor plate removed for suicides. (without blocks)  Regular, Burpee, Run backwards, Reverse Suicides.

Mosey to greenhouse with blocks.  Lunge back to YHCs trailer to return block.

Merkin Ring of Fire (merkinsx10) and Burpee Shuffle.  Mosey back to Shovel Flag.

COT, Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out with prayer.

NMM : So when YHC showed up to the DaVille AO with the trailer, it might have been assumed that the PAX was going to have a little fun with the Tractor Tire.  Wrong. (Sorry LabRat) Instead YHC visited one of TYAs jobsites (with his permission of course) and came home with 18 of the most beautiful cinder blocks you could ever want to swing and/or carry during a workout.  We did both and the PAX crushed this morning beatdown, even with the restrictor plate included.  Couple of observations from this morning:

YHC has finally figured a way to keep up with Anchovy, Phonics, and Spike.  Add a cinder block to the mix.  Although their speed immediately returned during the suicides (sans blocks) and YHC could only see their backs.

YHC noticed the DaVille PAX this morning included 3 members under the age of 18 (Guppie, Chapstick and Psycho)  Amazing young men to be up at 500am and start the day the only way F3 men know how.  Much HATE and RESPECT.

45 minutes of running around Atlee High School with a group of guys carrying a cinder block is a hell of a lot of fun.

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  1. Great work this morning men. Always an honor and privilege to step out front of a great group of men.

  2. Nice work DaVille. Way to get those young bucks out there.

    Beware of Circle K’s trailer…it brings pain.

  3. Yep. Even when I use the trailer for its intended use, (mulch, dirt, etc.), there is usually some pain involved with said chore.

  4. Great workout this morning, Circle K. I love that F3 beatdowns always keep you guessing. I will be feeling my hip flexors from the lunges for a while.

  5. I will never look at cinder blocks the same way again. sore shoulder and stronger quads. an easy trade off. Well done as usual!