Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Voyage to the Old Worlds


Four PAX launched their weeks in proper fashion with the Punisher.

The Thang:

Mosey to the concrete circle in front of the school for COP.  IC: SSH x25, Don Quixote x10, Arm Circles x10 forward/reverse, Stick in the Mud/back lifts x15, Merkins x10

Mosey to the map on the basketball court, around where San Salvador Island would be.  In pairs, PAX voyage to different destinations for exercises, then return.

Voyage 1: Monkey bars (audible: soccer goal) for 10x pull ups for each PAX

Voyage 2: Corner at Labernum for 25x jump rope and 20x American Hammers

Voyage 3: Front wall of school for 20x Donkey Kicks and Balls to the Wall

Voyage 4: Pavilion for 20x Hail Marys

Voyage 5: NW corner of property for 20x Plerkins

Plank exercises in between.  Shuffle pairs of PAX after one set of voyages and repeat.  Voyage 1 was not repeated.

Mosey to front of school for Hands of Time.  COT.

NMM: Four voyages were planned, but one “old world,” the monkey bars, was closed for repairs.  PAX improvised with the soccer goal.  Chum devised a brilliant scheme where one PAX would plank on the back of the goal while the other completed pull ups on the upper 90 of the goal.  Still, the goals were slippery, and YHC was in need of a spot.  YHC asked TenCan for a two count, and TwoCan responded with a ten count.  Thanks for picking YHC up.

Welcome to Ickey Shuffle, visiting from Charlotte.  He will be working with/for CapTech today and tomorrow, so CapTech PAX be on the lookout.



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  1. You Richmond boys get your backblasts out with impressive speed. We aren’t always the best about that in Area 51. Thanks for hosting me today!