Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I just wanted to tell you that you taught my wife…


6 Mechanicsvillagers showed up for this week’s episode of Tomato run.  The weather was such that the pax had a choice in dress this morning, and you had to deal with the consequences.  Route:

-6 milers:  Out and back to the King’s Charter clubhouse.

4.4 milers: Out to the 4 mile turnaround, get lost on the way back, go into several cul-de-sacs looking for the trail back, then run out Honey Meadows to the front of the schools and cut across the parking lot.

So, the pax organically split in to 2 evenly manned groups, with the Sugar Ray’s no doubtedly feeling the calling of speed with the brisk temperatures.  YHC gave them the go-ahead to let the horses run, while Opus, Lab Rat, and Spit opted for a more mosey-esque pace good for guys either trying to get their running legs or trying to recover from 2 hour workouts and long Sunday runs.  At about the half way point, Spit dropped the bomb on Opus (an elementary school teacher) that he had in fact taught his wife in his early days as a teacher.  So much for feeling young again!

The 6 milers came in hot a few minutes late, after clocking some impressive paces for the last mile when they figured out they were out of time.  With all the bro-code runs of late, it was actually pleasant to see these gifted runners sucking a little wind!  Way to put in the effort, gents!

YHC had chosen to tough out the weather in traditional light short sleeve shirt thinking he would warm up in a few minutes.  However, with the wind still whipping, Lab Rat never got warm.  While it felt good to be chilly for the first time in months, the hot shower after felt even better.


Bear Creek 10 miler Dec 4:  http://www.rrrc.org/events/2016-bear-creek-10-mile-trail-run

Bel Monte 25 50K Mar 11:  http://belmonteraces.com/


Lab Rat out


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  1. Thanks Spit for making me feel old this morning. There were so many things that could have kept me from coming this morning, but I chose to hang with you fellas anyhow. See ya in the AM