Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is running banned in RVA when it rains?


5 regulars and two sunday run new G’s (guys and gals) posted on a blustery Sunday morning in RVA.

The Thang:

Cross the nickel bridge, take the alternate path to underneath the bridge and to the access road along the river.  Follow the road to Belle isle, take two loops around Belle Isle and head back to the south side.  Follow the access road back to the VSF. Route was just shy of 7.5 miles.


TSB and I showed up a few minutes early today to an empty parking lot.  Rain was tapering off, but the wind was picking up.  52 degrees, so a little bit chilly.   Parking lot was still empty until 7:55 when Offshore pulled in.  3 more car with 4 more people arrived, leaving us with 7 folks for the run.  Since we had heavy rain for 24+ hours, we decided go stay off the trails and the roads.

The access path along the river was a perfect venue for this mornings run.  Several different approaches to the copious amounts of puddles along the path.  YHC and JVille decided the best way to attack the puddles was a straight on, straight through approach.  No trying to avoid the puddles, just jump right in.  Others tried to navigate around the water hazards.  Not sure what the best method was, but I am pretty certain that all of our shoes were soaking wet post run.

Post workout, the parking lot was devoid of cars except ours.  Must be some kind of unwritten rule that you cannot park there in the rain (or run for that matter).  Red Baron and his M joined us for the run.  They are taking on a trail marathon next week in NC (4th or 5th time for each of them).  Best of luck on the race.  Saab was out there for his first run post Cloudsplitter.  In case you were worried, the race did not slow him down at all.  Offshore and Red Baron were barely indistinguishable from afar.  Only hint was that Offshore had a hat on while Red Baron did not.  Saab and the Richmond Rabbit (FNGAL Christine (a)) were at the lead of the pack most of the day holding a conversation that was undeterred by there pace on the road.

Just because we are post BRR does not mean you cannot run the trails on Sunday…Join us folks, it is perfect weather for the trails once the rain passes.


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  1. Nice change up to the route…got to try a path along the river I had never experienced, and finally shake off remnants of last weekend. Cool (high) winds this am were invigorating. Thanks for leading today and for the 2nd F at ETs. (First TYA cracks the market on bacon, and now mini-muffins. The man is efficient.)