Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaVinci (and Swirly) try to turn their days around


4 stalwarts posted to a Wednesday evening hillrun.  Weather was perfect, high sixties and sunny.

Loops on hillcrest.  Pax choice on how many.


DaVinci had a tough day at school and was a little wound up when he got home.  Dad had the perfect medicine for a 2nd grade boy in need of a way to expend a little energy.  To the wednesday night run it was.  He and his dad were moving right along around the loop.  On one of the downhills, I was watching DaVinci on the downhill and he was taking two steps to my one and easily keeping pace with me.

Swirly didn’t have a difficult second grade day, but is in the middle of budget season at Woodfin.  Budget season means spreadsheets and lots of meeting and sitting at the desk work.  Not a good thing for Swirly. As such, he was a super excited about coming to hillcrest to expend a little energy.  The hill run is the perfect remedy for a little inactivity at the office.

We played a little catch football postwar with DaVinci et all.  Fun times.  Come on out for a run next week.  Hills are just as tough, but weather is a whole lot better.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run gents. Good weather and lot of energy make for a good performance on the hills.

  2. DaVinci’s day turned around and he was up for an extra lap as well. There was talk on the way home that he might Q a spider run sometime soon.

    Weather was perfect and always a good time with the pax tackling that hill.