Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Contests with No Winners, Death Crawls, and Roll Tide!


Five brave souls took to the parking lot of Godwin High School for a Thursday morning beat down.  Here’s how it went down:

Warmup COP: Imperial Walkers, Don Quixote, Scorpions, Clerkins

Time Bomb of Doom:  Circle up for 6 exercises to be done for 30 secs each.  First round had 30 secs rest between each set, second round was 25… down to no rest between each exercise.  Exercises: KB swings, blast off pushups (cross between merkin and dry dock), goblet squats, death crawl (plank up, keep legs straight and pickup kb with one hand to advance forward to center of circle and then back), kb press, hollow hold

Mary: 10 OYO Alabama Honeymoons (hips up, kb press, kb extend to the deck above your head, kb back overhead then back to chest, lower hips, and that’s 1 rep), 4 Turkish getups on ea side

Attila took us out.

NMM:  This was the second time around for the Time Bomb of Doom with some slightly different exercises put into the mix.  It’s deceptive the first couple of rounds with 30 and 25 secs of rest between each exercise, but things pretty much go to hell once you get to 15 secs.  The death crawls alone were a game changer.  Once we got to the 15 secs rest the mumble chatter was over except for a certain body noise contest that erupted between JVille and White Deer.  White Deer seemed to be skidding into an easy victory with a few of us making feeble attempts at keeping up.  That was all well and good until JVille decided he wanted to win!  With a furious effort, JVille nearly lost his pants and settled the contest.  It must be all the sausage he packs in.

Strong work by all, and special thanks to Rosie for naming his signature core exercise= Alabama Honeymoons.., Roll Tide!

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  1. Great Q Toga. We can always count on you to intro some new exercises, blast off and death crawl. I think we traveled less than 200 feet and it was all death crawl which I wouldn’t be disappointed if I never see it again. Happy to contribute to the naming of the exercise always referred to as mine anyway.