Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Perfect Weather for Trails, but Very Few Takers


Two of the faithful joined a headlockee and his LOML for spin around the river trails. The weather could not have been more perfect, and the four of us kept a slow but very steady pace taking on the trails in counter-clockwise rotation. We had great conversation.

The headlockee is a 9 year veteran of seal team. I sent him plenty of info on F3 and am trying to pull him to the convergence this weekend. Hopefully the weather will not wreck that.

The headlockee and his LOML are training for a trail marathon in a few weeks, so they continued on for another loop. The LOML was the fastest runner among us by far, and circled back for us a number of times. She seemed very interested in FIA.

It is perplexing to YHC that we can get 14-15 out one week, and then only 2 the next. Oh well — more elbow room for us!



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  1. Sorry to be a no-show, but I like to stay off the trails when they are damp, but dont like to be in a position to impress that upon others. Glad you had a little company.