Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Ladies Man wasn’t expecting that…


2 of the F3RVA faithful, a potential FNG and several soon-to-be PAX from Roanoake descended upon Wintergreen Mountain to tackle the 2016 Spartan Super.  The weather was perfect to get acquainted with an unfamiliar altitude and some unforgiving obstacles.  Here is how it went down.

The Thang:

After a brief introduction and jovial ribbing by the Master of Ceremonies, begin course at 0930.  Continue over a distance of 9.91 miles and 4100 feet of elevation with 25 obstacles along the way.  Obstacles included various walls to climb, cargo nets, some mud pits, rope climbs, log carries, sandbag carries, barbed wire crawls, Hercules Hoist, monkey bars, a wicked bucket carry, a multi-rig and some other fun things sprinkled in.  Course was performed on the Wintergreen ski slopes.


Several had asked, so I figured I would post a brief recap of last week’s race.  And, given that my window is closing with the forthcoming synopsis of Saab’s legendary accomplishment (you’re the MAN!), I needed to get it done quick. The title is the first thing that Toga said to YHC upon completing the course.  As we left RVA at 0545, we had discussed that since last year’s winner had completed the course in 80 minutes, certainly we could expect to do it in about twice that, so we set our sights on 2h 20min.  Plenty of time to recover, have a few beverages and settle in to watch the Vols dismantle Florida.  At the 4 hour mark, YHC realized that it was indeed him that was being dismantled and finishing became the goal.  5 and a half hours later the goal was achieved, with Toga finishing somewhere around 4:20. Some things that YHC learned on the mountain:

  • Elevation is real.  T-claps to all our BRR brothers who have battled those mountains the last 2 years.  It was by far the biggest obstacle.
  • Leg cramps are also very real and debilitating.  First time in YHC’s life that every muscle in YHC’s legs cramped at the same time.  Made the last 2.5 miles much more challenging.
  • When helping a fellow Spartan over an obstacle as an F3 man should, make sure to pick one that does not weigh 220 lbs else you may blackout.
  • Salt tabs are a miracle drug.
  • Physical contact is accepted and expected given the close quarters on the course and over the obstacles, but when assisting a female Spartan “bowling balling” is frowned upon (her words, not mine).
  • Thinking about all of our workouts really helped keep YHC’s head in the game.

It is also important to note that when Toga was asked which race we signed up for, the Super or the Sprint, he answered “There was a sprint?!”  He also says he will never do another one, but time heals all wounds, right?  Check the link for the detailed route:


Although it was possibly the most challenging thing YHC has done, it was well worth it.  Finally, one of our potential  FNG’s took 10 hours to complete the course, but he never quit and he finished it.  He will make a stellar F3 addition.  BT out.




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  1. Great job guys! I like what Toga told a few of us at NoToll last week “It was terrible, you guys should do it.” Sounds like it, maybe I will. #CSAUP

  2. Where to begin on this one? Maybe it’s best to say that we made it through and only have some emotional scarring. OCRs can be fun, but trudging up and down those slopes actually got boring at some point. If anyone plans to do this next year, they should start rucking uphill for a good 2-3 hrs per week. That MIGHT help.

    Thanks to BT for undertaking this with me, and I look forward to seeing how many want to tackle this in ’17.

  3. HOly crap! I need to know more about the “bowling ball” thing. My mind wanders too much!

    Great post, sounds brutal. That dude that took 10 hours to do it has some serious tenacity (or he got a concussion, whatever works).

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Congrats guys. Sounds brutal. I watched a couple of races on tv last week and couldn’t believe how difficult it was. I’m in for the next one toga does.

    Sticking with it for 5 1/2 hours is impressive, going for it for ten is an amazing stick to it attitude. He would indeed be a good addition to the pax!