Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All F’s on this Report Card


It was a dark and wet day at the Gridiron, but it was a fabulous morning as the Pax participated in all 3 F’s under the VQ of YHC (Attila). PreGame started with a look at Mark 10:35-45 and edification of our Faith. The Pax were reminded of the collision of our pride and ego with our calling to be selfless and servant leaders.

Fitness followed, and here is how it went down:

The Thang:

25 DQ IC
10 Pan pax 8 count body builders
25 Helicopers IC
25 IW IC

Mosey to the Pavilion:

20/20s OYO: 20 R Stepups/20 Dips/20 L Stepups/20 Dips then rinse and repeat

Mosey to Pillars

25 Pole Smokers OYO
Merkin Plank
10 Merkins IC

Modified Triple Check: Bear Crawls/CrabCakes/APDs

40s: Pole Smokers/Deep Squats

Mosey to school front

Modified Triple Check: Karaoke/Donkey Kicks/APDs


The Dash Sequence on the School Gridiron – x2 100 yard sprint

Mosey back to parking lot


Counterama and Namearama

Announcements – Convergence at DogPile next Saturday; 0600 for DoubleDippers, 0700 for others wishing to mark the 2 Year (107th week) of F3RVA. J’ville encouraged the Pax to engage in an EH spree to set a new standard. Further discussions concerning F3RVA support of the F3 Tidewater startup – contact J’Ville about supporting roles.

YHC closed us with a prayer seeking servants hearts for the Pax and the conquest of selflessness over selfishness.


It was great to have Earthworm with us. While he is still under strict supervision by his physician (and better half), he has been missed at F3 workouts. His leadership on the 1st F of the day was awesome. Looking forward to more of these devotions as the fall rolls on.

NightCrawler continues to post and continues to grow stronger. His dips and donkey kicks are textbook. Take note PAX. It is great to have him regularly posting at Gridiron.

WhiteDeer and Johnsonville picked up where they left off on Thursday. It was great competition that added some flavor to the workout. Just a reminder, the QIC does not assume any liability for injuries incurred as a result of testosterone-fueled duels.

Cecil showed great speed on the ending “burn-out” dashes – the QB clearly played some Corner in his glory days. Good work going hard the full 60.

YHC overestimated the drainage of the middle fields. After keeping us dry and clean for most of the workout, mudflaps should have been issued for the final runs. The PAX’s speed, which was already questionable, was severely hampered. Goggles and swim caps might have been more useful than running shoes.

Extended Coffeeteria at Einsteins – the fellowship was a great way to end GridIron and start our Saturday.

For a virgin Q, hitting all F’s was the way to go.

Jesus said: “Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be a slave to all.” Mark 10:43-44


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