Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Good Morning, Mr. Ashe


12 RUNNERS showed up for RAMM, and all the bikes were left in the stables this morning no doubt dreaming of drier days.  Here is where we went:


  • everybody out on Grove
  • 4milers turn left on Boulevard
  • 5milers turn left on Meadow
  • 6milers turn left on Harrison
  • everybody turn left on Monument (or Monument eventual for the 6 milers)
  • Everybody come home on Commonwealth


  • So can we all agree that Grove and Monument, although they do not cross, are not really parallel?  They are line segments, not lines that continue for eternity.  If they were lines, they would eventually intersect.  As Bleeder put it, that’s why it’s called “The Fan”.  Geometry, beotch!
  • TYA tried to avoid it, but he had to listen to the radio this morning, and the knob was stuck on WRAT (mostly talk, sometimes singing, rarely dead air).  To his fortune, he eventually found the off button and got to run the last mile or so in sweet sweet silence.
  • Marv correctly identified Monument as changing in to Franklin before the turnaround point for the 6 mile route.  Good catch, YHC forgot to point that out as he doesnt get to run that far out in a mere 45 minutes.  Also, thanks to Marv and Sippy Cup for taking a break along the route and not shaming the guys running shorter distances in same time frame.
  • The absence of Saab was noted.  Go get ’em, Tiger!
  • Great to see Bleeder back out and running!  May the good vibes continue!
  • TCLAPS of the DAY goes to No Tools for his longest run ever!  Swirly noted that you have been putting in the work to get to this point during your lunch breaks.  Well done, Brother!  YHC especially appreciates you finishing in style…..shirtless.


  • Tomorrow is the start of “Run A Mile” challenge.  Sign up here:    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-L8e9W24ygnU0suaGyKxzi1PgPqY1CBd57hLrKTZI-g/edit?ts=563e70a3#gid=1017786714
  • October 8 is F3 Convergence:  0600 at Dogpile.  This will be a 2 hour celebration workout.  There will be a gathering back at the Shovelflag to pick up the “boozers and snoozers” at 0700, so if you are wanting to invite an FNG, they can come for 2nd half.  I am sure details will follow.
  • F3 Leap to Tidewater starting Nov 5th. We will be helping out for 6 weeks.  If you can plan a weekend to go down, and/or you have contacts down that way, please reach out to Johnsonville.
  • CSAUP:  December 4th Bear Creek 10 miler.  If you wait to sign up until after Richmond Marathon, you will probably miss the boat.  http://www.rrrc.org/events/2016-bear-creek-10-mile-trail-run

Lab Rat out


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  1. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    It should be noted that TYA started running on the other side of the street, no doubt trying to clear his mind and prepare for Saab Support. But, the soothing advances of Lab Rat wooed him. Good run, boys. I’ve missed these Fridays. Much love to Saab this weekend!

  2. Yall should know by now that “I cant run and talk at the same time” is not a valid excuse to not run with Lab Rat. I am perfectly ok with providing either all or half of the banter.

    Great running with you this morning, TYA!

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Enjoyed the company. If anyone wants to hear about lab rats dreams just tune into WRAT on Friday mornings