Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Getting Wet Sucks, Being Wet is Fine


8 Vibrant young boys posted for a Thursday morning beatdown in the rain.  Weather was monsoon like pre workout, but turned into 70 and sunny once we started the fun.

The Thang:

Mosey through the gazebo to the wettest part of the MM field.  30x LBC, 2X Superman, 20x Don Quixote, 20x SSH, 20 x Imperial Walkers.  Mosey to basketball courts for a rendition of the BBC (Burpees, Bear Crawls and Crab walks).  Bear crawl to half court line, run to end line, backwards run to half court line, crab walk to start, 2x burpees.  Repeato increasing burps by 2 until you reach ten.  Jog around the basketball courts.  Mosey to tennis courts.  Line up on the line for 22’s (2 sets of 11’s).  First set is LBC and Merkins running from one end to the other of all 4 courts.  Second set is Bay City Scissors and Jump Squats running across two full tennis courts. Stay on the courts for deconstructed burpee reverse ladder starting at 10 (10 squat, 10 Merkins, ten hip thrusts, 10 jump squats) and finishing with one full burpee.  Mosey to shovel flag for 3 MOM.  20x Roalita.  50x LBC.  COT and off into the day.


The pre-workout weather could not have been more intimidating.  From about 1am on, it was an onslaught of rain and lightening that did not seem to slow down a bit.  It was an sobering sight and sound and did not make it easy to extract oneself from the fartsack.  Taxi Cab posted again today after his first post yesterday.  Totally impressive.  Posting for the first two times in this kind of weather shows some kind of mental toughness (or deficiency…you make the call).  Kudos to him, with that type of resolve, i anticipate he will find it easy during the perfect fall weather that is upcoming.

Yesterday Sippy was a benevolent Q and kept us mostly dry despite the wet conditions.  We did a ton of planks and other wet condition friendly exercises. I was still wet post workout, but the amount of time on the ground was minimized.  I took the opposite approach today, Mainly because trying to avoid the wetness of the ground in the gloom was going to be futile today…there was not a dry section on the entire AO. As a participant of F3 when someone else is Qing, the worst part of a wet workout for me is wondering when we are going to have to get on the ground.  To alleviate that negative anticipation for the PAX today, I started with LBC and superman, to make sure that we had contact with all parts of our body to the ground asap.  By the time we finished the initial COP, we were all soaked to the bone.  Once wet, it was all fun from there.  Exercising in this type of weather makes me feel like a little boy again, playing outside during a rainstorm.  Very freeing and fun.

Swirly was totally confused when an unfamiliar black SUV showed up in the parking lot just before the workout today.  He did not even have a guess to who was in the car.  It was Sippy.  I can count on one hand the number of times Sippy has posted in a vehicle to MM.

Saab heads out for his 100 miler tomorrow mid morning.  Dude has trained a ton for it and I know will put his best effort into the race.  Regardless of if or when he finishes, the amount of preparation and dedication he has shown over the past 6 months is something I will never forget.  If you have any questions on how to set a goal and prepare yourself for something, Saab is the guy to look towards.


Convergence on the 8th.  EH a friend or someone who has not been out in a while.  Lets maximize the number of people in F3RVA and the impact we have on the community.

Leap to Virginia beach starting on Nov 5th.  Reach out to Jville for information.  EH folks down there.


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  1. Brutal Q today, TYA. I liked the ‘no wondering when we’re going to get wet’ tactic. LBCs and Supermans right out of the gate! Awesome.

  2. Well done TYA, the title says it all, 5 minutes in, you don’t even notice you are drenched. Good Luck SAAB! Have Fun!

  3. Regardless of the weather, M has NEVER questioned my choice to post a workout until this morning, (what about resting, what about your sore knee, your shoes won’t be dry for the race…are you crazy). Anyway,I would describe my presence at this morning’s workout as an out-of-body experience…While my lower torso was making sloshing sounds that would make an elementary school teacher blush, my mind was elsewhere.

    Thanks again for all the well-wishes guys. Absent getting winged by an errant drone, Saab WILL abide.

  4. Well done this morning, gents.

    Also, is that 3 days in a row for Salad Cream? That’s a hell of a Kotter’s!

    How do we get on the text updates list for Cloud Splitter? Find a way, TYA! We’ll be thinking of you this weekend, Saab!

  5. That superman in the 3 inch deep grassy pond was memorable. As was the fake mosey into the shelter. Fun and tough today, TYA.

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Good luck, Saab! You are the man, and quite possibly the highest mileage Saab in existence. Much respect, brother!

  7. The deconstructed burpee got my attention in the most delightful way. This was a workout to remember. My favorite part was looking out the window at 4:30 to an approaching hurricane and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt there would be men in the parking lot.

    Good luck Saab. You got this.

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q TYA – I expected nothing less from you bro – straight to the mud puddles – love it !
    Kick ASS Saab !!!!!
    See y’all in the gloom ..

  9. Saab is going to own that race and then get sponsored my Land Rover. They may even give him one made in the ’90s.

  10. This was yesterday’s WBD (weirdest backblast of the day)! TYA is having quite the year…2nd place in the 50-54 year old ladie’s division in Bust the Banks, now this!