Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What is Dirty MacDeuce?


7 of the faithful explored the grounds of SOT on a damp morning of mid-60s and high humidity.  We waited around for a potential FNG lured by the F3 signage at the AO but the wet weather likely kept him away so we got right down to it.


Mosey to the front of the school for a warm-up up:  SSH, Hillbillies, Arm circles and Peter Parker.

Mosey around the school with parking lot tracers, high knees, butt kickers and karaoke to get warmed up for:

Dirty Macdeuce – 4 rounds, 3 exercises each round, 12 reps IC, 1 lap around the bus loop between rounds, exercises were:

  • Merkins, Imperial Squat Walker, Crunchy Frog – Mosey lap
  • T-merkin, Ball Dippers, LBC – 75% effort lap
  • Hand release merkin, Monkey humpers, Plank dips – 75% lap
  • Carolina Dry Docks, Copperhead squat, Rosalitas – AYG lap

Round and round – partner up

Partner 1 runs the bus loop, Parter 2 Bear crawls in the opposite direction.  Switch form and keep going in the same direction when you meet, Partner 1 Bear Crawl, Partner 2 runs the loop.

Repeato with Lunge in place of Bear Crawl


Hello Dollies, Side plank dips, Freddie mercuries, APD, American hammers

Ring of Fire – 2 rounds 10 merkins each.

COT, Wilson took us out.


Good to see Aisle 5 back out for his first post-BRR workout.  Well deserved time off after putting in the work for the BRR.  Per Corporate, now it’s time to start working toward next year.  Great to see Salad Cream back out again for the second time this week.  He tried Wilson’s long sleeves approach but it didn’t work as he had to shed a layer during the Macdeuce.  Looking forward to him being a regular at RiverRun since it’s right next door.  Mumblechatter about DK’s pool, YHC was out in week 2 and had little to contribute.

Not sure where the Dirty MacDeuce name came from or why 4 rounds of 3×12 equals Macdeuce but I think Jville brought it out to NoToll one day and it can make for some good work.  YHC was tired of the ladies and decided to bring someone else to the PAX.  A few laps around the bus loop to satisfy YHCs desire to run a little and not on the dark track (in case of clowns).  http://www.richmond.com/news/local/henrico/article_95715ef5-234a-55a9-9603-86393297963f.html

Great job today, a pleasure to lead this group.


  • Hump Day Happy Hour tonight, see Hardywood’s pre-blast
  • October 8 Convergence at Dogpile – 6-8 am, Looking for a big PAX, bring an FNG or someone that hasn’t been in a while
  • Nov. 5 Leap to Tidewater.  If you have any contacts in the area, let Johnsonville or Dreamliner know
  • Dec. 4 Bear Creek 10 mile trail race.

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  1. I have no idea what the Dirty MacDeuce stands for, all I do know is that it’s dirty! it was great to meet Sal adCream, good work gents!

  2. Great Q Rosie. While running sucks and I complained about the entire time, I needed the bus loops today! Great to meet Salad Cream….you said SALAD CREAM? LOL That video is great. Most folks in Henrico are clowns, but I swear if I saw THAT at the BRR you would have been hard pressed to get me to run at night……especially past a tombstone company!

  3. Nice Q Rosie! That Dirty Macdeuce was dirty. Nice way to finish things up with the sneak-attack 2nd ring of fire!

  4. Nice Q Rosie. SOT has risen again! Strong turnout Southsiders. A shame there were no tank tops or jorts to commemorate the occasion. Next week. Dogtown baby!