Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flip Phone Turns 34 after Forties, Ascending Curb Crawl, Dora and More


Five of the faithful posted to #GridIron on a comfortable fall morning to sharpen steel. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a virtual shovel flag, and moseyed the PAX over to the paved are inside the track. This is how thinks progressed from there, more or less:

Warmup, including SSH, merkins, LBCs, arm circles, don quiotes, and box cutters.

Forties with 2-count mountain climbers and 2-count hillbillies

Mosey south to the south entrance road. Line up on curb for ascending curb crawls to 13.

Mosey north across the southern parking lot onto the soccer field.

Forties with dips and pole smokers.

Mosey counterclockwise around school near basketball courts.

Line up on road in 2 groups for a Dora 1-2-3 consisting of 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 air squats.

Mosey back in front of school onto grass.

Circle up for ring of fire (2 rounds). Do modified ring of fire with 5 burpees each while pax holds Al Gores.



We had become somewhat accustomed to huge activity around this AO arising from football games. This weeks, the games were apparently away. So, the AO seemed a bit too quiet.

The forties with mountain climbers and hillbillies was harder than I thought it would be and dragged on for a very long time. We pushed through…

Ascending curb crawls up to 13 is also a challenge. Every member of the PAX completed them.

During the Dora, Atilla spurred on a foot race between him and Flip Phone. The two of them were rolling, with Flip Phone barely edging Atilla out (at least this time).

Flip Phone was a little out of it after the workout, announcing repeatedly, even after correction, that he was 34 years old. Apparently the foot race vs. Atilla took its toll (or took 20 years from Flip Phone’s life).

Many enjoyed a coffeeteria after the workout, and Dreamliner paid us a visit after his Dogpile workout.

Great job, men! JVille

Announcements (some copied from Saab):

> Earthworm (who is currently benched for medical reasons) is going to lead a 15 minute 3rd-F bible study before GridIron this coming Saturday on Mark 10:35-45 (servanthood). It will start at 0645.
> After the convergence the following week, he will start a bible study series at 0645 on Saturdays (immediately prior to GridIron). The series theme(s) are currently TBD.
> Bear Creek 10 miler (great trail run and post-run tailgate planned)
> Those new to F3: Text F3RVA to 97000 to gain info and get setup on-line. (Doesn’t mean you can’t still see Wilson about “the App”)
> Winstons is soliciting some volunteers to come up to Hanover on 10/15 and lead an F3 style workout for a church retreat. Please see Winstons if interested…have no doubt this will help with F3 recruitment in the area.
> Workout and Happy Hour on Wednesday. See back blast from Hardywood (all meet at Crossroads at 6:00pm)
> Mechanicsville has a new AO on Fridays…that makes 3 total for the week. Way to go guys. (YHC heard we were up to something like 18 AO’s in RVA…nice!)
> Convergence on Oct 8 … please reach out to FNG’s and those who haven’t attended for some time.
> F3Tidewater is launching on 11/5 at Mt. Trashmore in VA Beach. Johnsonville is assembling teams and team leaders to cover certain Saturdays on and after 11/5. THINK OF CONTACTS IN TIDEWATER TO HEADLOCK. More to come ….


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