Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s this day-of-rest s#@!


27 faithful and newly anointed presented themselves at Dogwood Dell today for what YHC hoped would be a satisfactory beat-down. This is what transpired (more or less)…

COP: SSH, DQ’s (Abe/Swirly style!), Arm Circles, LBC’s, maybe something else…
4 Corners (on a Triangle?): 25 WWII, (Bear Crawl to next station), 25 Merkins, 25 Burpees, 25 Flutter Kicks (4 count)…all done near “far traffic circle” past the Carillon.
Doras (Carillon): 100 Merkins, 100 LBC’s, 100 Box Cutters, 100 Jump Squats,
Rusty Cage: 5 pullups (overhand, underhand), 5 Jerkins (overhand, underhand). Repeato
Jacobs Ladder (Burpees) on pit of pain
Amphitheater: Lindsays (Dips x30, Merkins x10). Advance up step each time. (YHC then called an audible for two sets of American Hammers and Rosalitas.)
Polesmokers: Hold 6 inches…Person in back does 5 merkins then advances to front.
Ring of Fire (Merkins)

It has been many months since YHC had the opportunity to take in Dogpile without the spectre of a long Saturday run and he hopes his enjoyment of the day was evident. YHC did enjoy seeing Wilson perform his signature “early start” during the instruction period for Doras. Beyond that, not much mumble chatter to draw upon for this writing, either because YHC was slightly distracted (as usual), or everyone remained steadily busy and winded.

We welcomed 4 new FNG’s today and all were given awesome handles: Receptacle, Flatline, Cosmo, and DaVinci. Kudos to Lockjaw’s 2.0 DaVinci who gave the F3 workout an enthusiastic review and was already asking afterward if there is a workout he can join tomorrow (did I mention he is 7 and 1/2 years old). Needless to say, it was great to have all our FNG’s there today and we sincerely look forward to seeing you all again.

COT: We wished those on the Spartan run today much success and enjoyment. Way to go guys (BT, Toga, others?)!…RESPECT for completing what I understand is an extremely challenging event. Also, we officially retired “Blue Balls” for the more g-rated and family friendly “Helix”.

> Bear Creek 10 miler (great trail run and post-run tailgate planned)
> Those new to F3: Text F3RVA to 97000 to gain info and get setup on-line. (Doesn’t mean you can’t still see Wilson about “the App”)
> Winstons is soliciting some volunteers to come up to Hanover on 10/15 and lead an F3 style workout for a church retreat. Please see Winstons if interested…have no doubt this will help with F3 recruitment in the area.
> Workout and Happy Hour on Wednesday. See back blast from Hardywood (all meet at Crossroads at 6:00pm)
> Mechanicsville has a new AO on Fridays…that makes 3 total for the week. Way to go guys. (YHC heard we were up to something like 18 AO’s in RVA…nice!)
> Convergence on Oct 8…please reach out to FNG’s and those who haven’t attended for some time.

Saab abides


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  1. Thanks for putting up with me today guys…I had a great time. Impressed and humbled by the effort and enthusiasm showed by all.

    Saab out

  2. Heck of a beatdown Saab. Great to see 4 new FNGs and Kingpin back for more after last week. Was pretty cool to see 27 taking over the road on the bear crawl part.

  3. Great beatdown Saab! I am looking forward to your race report from next weekend. I know you will dominate that course.

    During the rusty cage pullups, Dreamliner and I took off to do the jerkins only to look back and see DaVinci still hanging there four feet off the ground. A quick spot down and we were all off to do jerkins.

    Great turn out at ET as always.

  4. 27! DANG….heck of a showing! Lab Rat tried to make it 28 but was just too sore from a long week of beat downs (Swirly > Lab Rat).

    Looking forward to DaVinci dragging dad’s butt down to the trails in the morning!

    Welcome to all FNG’s, and interested to hear how Helix came to pass. Blue Balls wore that badge of shame like a true champ…no whining from him. He deserves a kick-ass name!

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Saab – as always great beat down brother
    You will crush the cloud splitter cause u are a beast! Coach TYA will see that you are prepared ….
    And just remember when it gets tuff – your brother Swirly is right there with you – in spirit that is
    See y’all in the gloom ….

  6. Saab – your beatings never disappoint! Was happy to see your tapering! Lugnut says it’s the best part of running! Your ready for cloud splitter go get it!

    Welcome to the FNG’s – sign up for the app!

    Just because Blue Balls has been retired, does not mean it cannot return! It’s now in the same category as hemorrhoid!

    See you fellas in the gloom!

  7. Strong Q today Saab. Enjoyed (and hated) every minute of it. Slay that cloudsplitter next weekend.

    Welcome to all the FNGs. Can’t wait to see you guys back out there soon.

  8. Great beatdown Saab. The rusty cage seems to be getting more work now that is has a fitting name. You are going to crush the Cloudsplitter.
    Welcome to the FNGs, great to have such a large pax to get the best out of the names.

  9. I was praying that someone would loose their keys again!!! Can a brother catch a ten count maybe just once? Good times thanks again Saab