Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fun with Bells and the Wall


7 Circus Maximus stalwarts and 1 FNG fought the urge to hit the snooze on another dense, drizzly morning and escaped the fartsack to swing some bells and start their day off right, this is how it went down more or less:

COP – SSH ICx20; Helicopter ICx10; Don Quixotes ICx11; Arm Circles ICx15 (10 small, 5 large) forward and then backward

Swing & Push – 10 2-arm swings then 10 merkins — repeato reducing the number of the merkins each round down to 1.

Partner chase around the circus loop – first loop Partner 1 carries both bells; Partner 2 performs 5 Burpees then sprints to catch Partner 1 and flapjack.  Second loop, same concept but exercise was WWII situps instead of Burpees.

Conveyor Belt – PAX split into 2 groups of 4 and formed two conveyor belts with 4 stations each 2 parking space lines apart.  Exercises included Squat, Bob & Weave, Upright Rows and Clean & Press. Perform designated exercise at conveyor stop then bear crawl north to the next stop.  Sprint from northernmost station to back of the line. Complete 2 runs through the conveyor belt

Form line along the school wall for a some Wall/Kettlebell Combos:

  • Swings and wall plank – each x10 – 2 rounds
  • Lunges and donkey kicks – each x10 – 2 rounds
  • Squat and press and balls to the wall merkins  – each x10 – 2 rounds
  • Squats and wall plants – each x10 – 2 rounds

Discount Double Check on the sidewalk under cover.  Partner 1 carries bell to end of the sidewalk and back.  Partner 2 performs prom-date-bridge-press-reach (I’m with Toga we need a name for these).  Flapjack.  For second round the exercise changed to WWII situp and press.

Time expired.

COT – name-a-rama, number-rama and YHC took us out.


  • HDHH – next Wednesday 6:00 p.m. workout (Batteau) and 6:45 happy hour (Crossroads) – see Hardywood’s pre-blast.
  • Good luck to Toga and BT this Saturday at Spartan Race – we know you guys will represent us well.
  • Bike ride 9/24 – see offshore?
  • Sign up for Rugged Maniac 10/1 – see EF Hutton or Flipper for details
  • Bearcreek 10 miler 12/4 – sign fast
  • New AO (the Creek) kicking off in DaVille tomorrow (at New Highland Baptist Church at 0530) – Abacus has the Q.

Great work today gents.  Lots of swings and leg work.  Way to push through.

Welcome Rosco.  A great friend who I knew would love F3 and who I have been EH’ing since I started.  Thankfully he is on the mend from a nasty ankle injury suffered while laying the law (literally) on somebody.  Great to have you out there Rosco. I know you will be a great addition to the F3RVA PAX.

Thanks for letting me lead and bring back some of my favorite exercises that we have done at the Circus.

Lots of new and great AOs out there folks.  No excuses – let’s turnout with FNGs in tow.



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  1. Great Q, Gumbo. Way to keep us moving. Respect to you & Rosco for throwing the 50lb KB around. Welcome to Rosco, though I liked you better as Kerry Strug!

  2. That thing was a back-breaker. Kerry Strug definitely would have been good fodder for future introductions and name-a-ramas. I’ll mull it over.

  3. Great intro back into the kettlebell world after a few weeks off for running. Welcome Roscoe, great work today.